A word about lehenga shopping & wedding vendors

17 Oct

A word about lehenga shopping and wedding vendors

A classmate of mine from school is getting married soon, and asked me where she should go look for a lehenga. I told her the names of a few stores in Chandni Chowk, Shahpur Jat, and a few other areas of Delhi. She visited a particular store in Chandni Chowk this week, and came back to me with this -

“These are some issues I faced-
1.guard doesn’t let me take my handbag inside the shop- says it’s too big? What? Really? I’m going to steal a Lehenga in a tote? Okay! So after arguing, I leave it there taking out my precious stuff.
2. The shop is empty, being a wednesday (Oct 15)
3. A guy on first floor asks us what do we want, I shout.. Bridal. He says come up
4. My mom( with knee troubles  yet braving Chandni Chowk with me) and I climb up and the guy asks us rudely- do you have an appointment? I say..excuse me? And lo- he tells me… We don’t show any lehngas without appointment. And turns away. Showing no interest, not asking us politely to wait or telling us a process to take an appointment or basically any concern for a customer who was ready to spend a good amount of money in your shop. We left and that’s that. So, shouldn’t they advertise this somewhere? Outside their shop maybe? Or before ppl climb up a flight of stairs?”

I’ve copy-pasted a part of the email she sent, and boy – was she angry!

After reading this, I felt terrible! I had recommended a store to her, based on my positive experience in the past. Turns out, the store doesn’t care about Continue reading

Trousseau Picks for your First Summer as a Newlywed: WIFW edition

14 Oct

You might not know this, but Wills India Fashion Week is the only fashion show in the country that showcases designs one season in advance. Which means that if you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon ensemble for that summer destination, or picking pieces for your work wardrobe post the honeymoon and wondering what to wear to dinner parties once temperatures rise again and those heavily embroidered velvets will no longer do – YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

WIFW just concluded their Spring-Summer 2015 shows and I, of course, scoured ALL the shows from all 5 days to bring you Summer Picks for your Trousseau.


You want to travel comfortably, but with a bit of style. Not so much though that it looks like you just walked off the runway. Although these were picked off the runway, they’re wearable, fit for travel and definitely “easy style”. Yup, just made up a phrase that I’m pretty sure has been used before, but let’s just let credit remain in my pocket for a while, shall we?


Big fan of the pastel pinks, baby pinks and dirty pinks making their way into our closets. Also, notice how the midi is in? Midi = Comfort = Major brownie points for ease of travelling in!

Pankaj & Nidhi gave drool-worthy outfits – vintage-y, my favourite type!

To The Beach

Sexy swimsuits by Shivan & Narresh – the kinds you can only wear on your honeymoon at a beach abroad.

Outfits perfect for a day out at the beach! Or pool side.

To Work

Ok, confession time. These work for work (see what I did there?) only if you work in the fashion industry. Or at a place where you’re expected to turn up in something other than a formal pair of pants and standard blue/white shirt – day after day. After day. After day. *flashbacks to my days in corporate uniform for 3 years* Gahhhh…! *shakes it off*

So, for those of you blessed (or cursed?) with a workplace that welcomes personal style statements – this curation’s for you.

And of course, some options that can be worn to any office -

Formal Dinner Parties and Summer Weddings

You should have options in your trousseau to quickly slip into for summer events, especially those endless dinner parties where you’d want to look like a stylish newlywed and not the in-your-face one loaded with jewellery and zardosi. Light, light, light.

Manish Gupta churned out some beauties in these pale yellows and mint greens. Accessorise with pearls or emeralds.

If you’d like to see the more of the best of WIFW, go here.

Which one is your favourite pick for a summer wardrobe?

Best Picks from the IndianRoots Flat 50% Sale: under ₹20,000

10 Oct

I woke up this morning to a mail from IndianRoots.in -

IndianRoots Diwali Mega Sale flat 50% offI thought – FLAT 50% off? Yeah, right. After hearing so much criticism of the recent Flipkart sale, “mega sale” and related phrases make me see red flags all over. I wasn’t buying it.

Still, as a wedding blogger, it’s my duty to check out a big sale for Indian wear, especially if it’s on a website that retails big designers such as Shehla Khan, am:pm and Rohit Bal.

I saw a * mark – turns out, the sale was applicable on EVERYTHING on their website Continue reading

thedelhibride Asks… Bachelorette Party Ideas

4 Oct

TDB Asks Bachelorette Party Ideas

One of my best friends, my “chuddy buddy” from school, is getting married in less than 2 months! Time is running out, and I haven’t had time to plan her bachelorette party yet *biting nails at a rapid pace* I know, I’m a terrible best friend! Continue reading

I went to Bridal Asia 2014. Here are my notes.

2 Oct

Notes on Bridal Asia 2014

“This is the best wedding exhibition that Delhi has to offer to brides. It’s the only one I showcase my work at.”

- overheard at Bridal Asia 2014

I visited on Monday, when the crowds had thinned and the displays had dwindled. At the entrance, I took out my cell phone and opened the Shopping Guide I’d written a few days earlier. With a guide in one hand, and a media badge in the other – I was ready to explore Bridal Asia and find the best of what it had to offer.

Did my favourite designers have outfits I would love this time around? Who had an entirely new collection? Which ones would disappoint? And which new names would I discover I loved today? Continue reading

What To Expect At Bridal Asia

25 Sep

Shopping Guide to Bridal Asia 2014 wedding exhibition delhi 2

This week, Delhi is about to witness a flurry of exhibitions. I know of SEVEN events (which I’ve added to the Delhi page of Events on the blog), the first of which is Celebrating Vivaha, that begins today.

While you can always Google and find out a (very) long list of exhibitors for most events, I wanted to write a quick note on the best of what you’ll find at Bridal Continue reading

Beauty Review: New York Facial at Lumiere Dermatology

19 Sep

You’re a bride to be. Your wedding date is closing in. In the mad rush of completing your massive checklist, you forgot all about the multiple-facial-sessions you were supposed to “begin 6 months prior to your wedding.” NOW WHAT?!

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you’re willing to spill some serious dough (think, 20k plus), you can make your skin wedding-ready in under 1 hour. NO JOKES.

What is this thing that makes your skin look great in under 40 minutes?

A facial.

It’s no ordinary facial, mind you. It’s the New York Facial. Done under the care of Dr Kiran Lohia at Lumiere Dermatology.

Beauty Review New York Facial at Lumiere Dermatology Delhi

When the team at Lumiere contacted me offering a session of the NY Facial back in January, I was skeptical, to say the least. You know I’ve only ever gotten 2 facials in my life before this (both during the run up to my wedding in 2012), so I’m not one to experiment Continue reading

Giveaway: Win a Pass to The Wedding Filmer Workshop in Delhi!

17 Sep

***This contest is closed. Winner announced at the end of the post.***

giveaway win free passes to the wedding filmer workshop in delhi

The Wedding Filmer needs no introduction on this blog. I love what they do, and hope that every bride gets a wedding film that’s as full of love and beautiful memories as the ones that TWF Team makes.

But I have always wondered – what’s the secret behind all that magic they create on-screen? Is there a secret sauce? Don’t deny it – you’ve wondered too. Hoped you’d be able to crack that formula, that makes each video created by The Wedding Filmer – special.


What do I mean by that?

If you’re a photographer, videographer, or bride to be for whom a dazzling wedding video is top priority – YOU CAN LEARN FROM THE WEDDING FILMER TEAM!

They’re here in Delhi next Monday (22nd September), and are holding a workshop where they’ll teach you what it takes to create a wedding film, with a touch of TWF magic on it. 6 hours that will change your life.

Here are the workshop details (click to enlarge) -

How Do I Enter The Contest?

Just leave a comment below and tell us -

“Why do you want to attend The Wedding Filmer Workshop?”

The most worthy response will win a seat in their workshop, worth INR 4500!

Last date to enter is: 19th September, 2014 upto 11.59 PM

The lucky winner will be announced on 20th September!

***Please leave a comment below – on this blog post – to enter***

Edit: Thanks for the enthusiastic participation! I, along with a panel of trusted friends and family, narrowed it down to our top three picks. But since we have only 1 pass to give away, we had to pick one person!

And the winner is…

Pushpendra Gautam!

Congrats, Pushpendra! We will get in touch with you by email shortly!

Once again, thank you to all the people who entered the contest. You’re going to see a lot more giveaways on thedelhibride in the coming months. Hope to see you try your luck there again!

Trousseau Destination: Anita Dongre, Delhi

12 Sep

For more trousseau destination posts, go here.

Anita Dongre Trousseau Destination DLF Emporio delhi bridal store

Trousseau heaven.

It’s been a 2 year love affair with Anita Dongre’s bridal wear, and I’m still repeating the same two words – trousseau heaven.

If you’ve been reading the blog long enough, you would’ve figured this out by now – I’m a huge fan. A kid in a candy store. Which is why you can understand why it’s been a very exciting August for me, to put it mildly Continue reading

Shopping Guide to Jalsa Exhibition 2014

5 Sep

Shopping Guide to Jalsa 2014

I spent a couple of hours at Jalsa yesterday, with a friend who is looking for her bridal trousseau. I made copious notes of which stalls we liked, and which outfits we were drawn to. So you can go in and head straight to our favourite names, instead of walking around aimlessly for hours and getting exhausted needlessly. For those of you planning on visiting Jalsa today, or in the coming months, here’s your guide to the must-visits in the chaos.  Continue reading


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