The Tale of Ten Surya Namaskars

30 Jan

The Tale of Two Surya Namaskars Staying Fit After The Wedding

Guess what I did this morning – I re-started yoga. I left it almost two years ago, which made this morning nothing short of pure torture. I woke up an hour earlier than I normally do, which in the Delhi winters is a lot more complicated than just placing the alarm far from the bed so that you’re forced to physically get up to silence it. Because after that first wave of cold air hits your bare arms, you’re going to waive a mental middle finger to Robin Sharma’s 5 am club and wiggle yourself back under the blanket.

Today, though, was a different day. Continue reading

Best Of Weddings This Week #1

20 Jan Floral luggage tags for destination wedding idea
I’m looking for the best of what to share with you 24/7. Seriously. Whether it’s an Instagram shot or a Facebook post, I’m perpetually on the look out for things brides will love, or should know about. Interesting, lust-worthy, practical – I want to share it all. So I’m putting together all my notes from this week and bringing to you a new feature on the blog. This may or may not be a weekly thing but I promise that once I have enough to share, I’ll wrap it up in a post and hit publish! Here’s the very first – Best of Weddings This Week.

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I think I will call this part – Acceptance.

16 Jan

Do you guys mind if I talk about some other stuff for a while? For the first time in my life, I’m not feeling it. I always feel like writing, but I’ve ended up in a rather precarious situation. I have too long a list of wedding-related posts I want to write, and that’s where the problem lies. It’s too long. Sounds odd, right? Bloggers out there would kill to always have something to talk about. Why has this been a problem for me? Because it means I’m overwhelmed. Frustrated. And it means I’ve been trying to schedule my writing for months now, which is a really, really big problem. I can’t write on schedule. Occasionally, sure. But a daily schedule – argh. No way. I’ve perpetually been in a state of struggle. I want to lead a disciplined life, want to follow the habits of people I look up to. But give me 3 straight days of the same thing, and I need to change it on the 4th day. How can someone like that become Continue reading

11 Things You Need To Know About Ogaan’s Wedding Exhibition

15 Jan

#1 It’s called Weddings 2015 and starts TODAY, at Ogaan in Hauz Khas Village.

#2 You’ll get to see what’s in store for 2015 weddings in fashion – all curated for you and wrapped up in a neat bow, under one roof!

#3 You just might find a designer lehenga that fits your bigger-than-you-realise-budget (why are you spending over 1 lakh at Chandni Chowk and Frontier Raas for copies? Unless you’re looking for a Sabyasachi lehenga, of course…then stay there.)

#4 It’s guaranteed to be an ocean of pretty trousseau pieces, worthy of a bride. Some of my favourite designers are on display here.

#5 Nidhi Tholia is here, showcasing her collection of stunning pastels – THE colour this wedding season! Her lehengas leave a really big hole in the pocket, but they are STUNNING.

#6 Dolly J lehengas. ‘Nuff said.

#7 French Curve‘s delicate & pretty outfits are in town all the way from Bangalore city. They’ve been mentioned on the blog earlier here.

#8 Nikasha always has something bright enough and light enough for a Mehendi function.

#9 Sonal Kalra Ahuja is currently killing it with her floral pieces, yet another trend this season, which is ALSO my favourite trend of the year.

#10 Sonali Gupta designs for the off-beat bride’s trousseau.

#11 Needledust jootis! Every bride should own a pair.

Ogaan India

I usually just inform you about wedding related events on Facebook or the Events page here on the blog, but I (a) could not possibly pack so much information in a small Facebook post, and (b) did not want you to miss being notified about this! If you’re a Delhi bride, it’s a must-visit. A little birdie has told me the exhibition is expected to be on only for the next 2-3 days.

Are you going?

For more wedding exhibition alerts in Delhi/NCR, go here.

Sangeet Songs: The Group Dance

9 Jan

Sangeet Songs- Group Dance songs for 2015

As the rest of us start to wonder how much longer we can pull off wearing the same anarkali over and over again with different shawls (is wedding season on in full swing or what!), brides all over the country are wrapping up last-minute preparations for their early 2015 wedding. Sangeet practices have begun in every city, and irrespective of which Singh (Honey or Arijit) you’re a fan of  – the Sangeet is your favourite function. Well, unless you’re my husband and dread having to dance with complete strangers who you’re forced to call family three nights in a year. (Right? Righttt?)

If you’re preparing for a close relative or friend’s wedding, you would’ve experienced (or are about to) the Group Dance Song Agreement Situation, or as Continue reading

The Ensemble SALE is back!

8 Jan Sale in Delhi for Bridal Wear at Ensemble

Every January, Ensemble holds it’s biggest sale of the year – upto 70% off on some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. The sale starts TODAY in their Delhi & Mumbai stores, and I’ve got all the details for you! Continue reading

5 Most Re-Pinned Lehengas of 2014

4 Jan 5 best lehengas of 2014

Or, The Best Lehengas of 2014 – according to my Pinterest boards. These are the most re-pinned, out of all the beautiful lehengas that made their way into the market in 2014. Yes, you can still grab yourself one of these beauties – the designs are still “fresh”! Here’s a practical guide to the best of what 2014 had to offer, that you can wear to your wedding this year. I’ve included some of my notes Continue reading

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

1 Jan S6300361

Another year wrapped up. Another calendar given to the kabaadi wala. Another set of resolutions in the bin.

Did I start off on a depressing note? Yes, it’s a new year. A new beginning. But I’ve been sulking lately. Feeling uninspired. I’m pretty sure it has to do with being away from work. I’ve been attending a lot weddings and while attending weddings “feels like work” to me, it’s not my REAL work. What I do is – write.

And when I’m not writing, I’m not happy.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time collecting my thoughts, trying to plan – what do I want 2015 to be like? Continue reading

10 Beauty Lessons from Clinique’s Bridal Event

27 Nov Clinique Bridal Trousseau service event

Remember the Clinique giveaway we held on the blog recently? The two brides who won the contest were in for a very special treat – an afternoon with Clinique Colour Specialists learning the basics of skin care and makeup, and Clinique goodies for their bridal trousseau. I was, of course, right there with the brides – taking notes at rapid speed while the Clinique experts demonstrated their magic on a model.

Continue reading

Sangeet Songs: The Bride & Groom Dance

22 Nov

Sangeet Songs Bride & Groom Dance

You may have heard that my best friend is getting married. With just over a week left to her Sangeet, dance practices have been on in full swing. One of the things we’ve had trouble deciding has been – the bride and groom song. Both of them are a little shy about performing with just each other on stage. And solo songs? Forgetaboutit. So I tried pitching a few songs to them that are not super mushy and romantic – maybe they would be more comfortable doing a cool/cute song with no ballroom dancing involved? Then I realised – hey! I have a whole list to share Continue reading


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