So, I’m going to New York

26 May

Not forever.

So breathe.

For 6 weeks. For a summer course in Publishing (why didn’t I think of this earlier?!) at New York University.

So yes, I applied. Statement of purpose et al. Got accepted in April. Applied for my visa (what a pain!). Got my visa (was SO easy, all that stress and drama was completely unnecessary, well, when isn’t it?) And I fly out tomorrow.
*hides behind door ashamed for springing this on blog readers so last minute*

I was supposed to tell you all about this last week, but something happened. My laptop stopped working. And I almost got a mini heart attack. Such bad timing! We got it diagnosed, and then it was in “trying to get repaired” mode. The whole time, I felt like my child is in surgery, and I’m sitting in a hospital’s waiting room! (Anyone else ever felt like this?!)

Good news is – it can be fixed. Bad news – data recovery is still a question mark.

Which sucks, because I had typed out “a couple of posts that might find their way to the blog over the next few weeks”. And now, I can still promise posts – but all about New York and little about weddings. Unless I attend a wedding in New York. Any invitations?

Till my data is recovered, there are a lot of posts that will be postponed by many, many weeks. Lesson: ALWAYS back up, EVERYTHING!

Btw, I’m typing this post on my phone. Can you make out?

Brides, since the course is super intensive, I won’t be able to respond to your queries during this time. And wedding vendors, you’ll have to wait till August to hear back from me.

As for my course, it’s called the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University. And I got pre-program homework assignments to finish before 2nd June (the day my course starts). Ummm…why have I voluntarily signed up for this?!

I will miss you all. I will miss my blog. Not that it won’t constantly stay on my mind. I will miss my husband. My daily routine. I hope I can keep updating you, and reading your reassuring comments to feel connected.

Ok. Enough with the moaning. Now onto brighter, cheer-ier things! (Yes I know that’s not a word. My blog, my wish).

I’m mostly done packing. I got myself vaccinated. I tried learning how to ride a bicycle. And failed miserably. Thanks Aman, for trying to teach me. I’ve learnt how to make a cheese omlette, this mushroom thing my mom makes that I love and…that’s about it. (If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you now know why I’ve suddenly trying my hand at cooking!) Will have to wing it for any other cooking requirements. Or maybe just eat at Pret A Manger every second meal (or every meal!) :p

I can’t tell you how excited I am. I want to do so much once I’m there. I don’t have a list, but I want to see all the places I’ve only ever seen in movies and on my favourite TV shows. I want to buy… STUFF! No idea what’s good in New York that you don’t find here. But just, stuff! You know? Anything in particular I should be buying? And I want to eat! I’ve always been fascinated with what people in other countries eat, and New York is considered a great place for foodies, so I. just. cannot. wait!

See you, very soon. And follow me on Instagram to get daily updates as I make my way around the greatest city in the world! I’m still doing the #365grams project (one picture every day this year).

Stay in touch, please! Don’t know what I will do without all of you! Oh, and my husband ;)

Talk soon!

Of Big & Happy Brides

7 May

Pallavi, a friend of my husband’s from school, married her long-time sweetheart – Nikhil – on a surprisingly warm November evening in New Delhi last year. In the months leading up to her wedding, I came across a frustrated rant by Pallavi on Facebook – she’s never been the slim and petite kind, but suddenly she was feeling the pressure to lose weight and fit into the size standards we’ve set for brides.

Her words struck a chord in me.

I immediately asked Pallavi if she would like to share her frustrations and what she learnt in a guest post for my blog. Why? I’ve seen this happen over and over again, with bride after bride – girls losing all confidence in their body, and internalizing the societal norms of beauty. Trying hard to “fit in”, pun intended, without realizing how beautiful it is to stand out. Now before you start wondering whether Pallavi and I are anti-fitness, hold your horses, and read it straight from the bride’s mouth!

Of big and happy brides - Pallavi

Let me spell it out, right at the beginning – no bride wants to look fat on her big day.

Fat. A word that makes you cringe, doesn’t it?

So we come up with nicer synonyms, which make us less nervous about our appearance – large, healthy, chubby, big-boned. And I am okay using any of these adjectives to describe me, as they’re not far Continue reading

Wedding Wardrobe: Sumedha

30 Apr

Wedding Wardrobe Sumedha red lehenga from ram kishan sarees chandni chowk

Once in a while, a bride chooses to share her wedding journey with the world. She pens down her experiences, carefully selects precious personal memories to show you – through vivid photographs that captured what was, perhaps, the best day of her life. Continue reading

New section on the blog: Wedding Guest Style

22 Apr

Whenever I attend a wedding, I’m always looking at what other wedding guests are wearing. Why? Because I need ideas! Yes, I’m newly-ish married so I have tons of Indian wear in my cupboard. But like I said in my last post, it’s a confusing world out there for wedding guests. What should we wear to a wedding? Something that’s a fine balance between looking wedding-worthy, and yet not bride-worthy. But where are these clothes? And what do they look like?

I had been tinkering with the idea of adding a new section to the blog for quite some time now.

Something like a Street Style section – but for wedding guests!

You know, where you can see what REAL wedding guests wore to REAL weddings, so you know what works out well ensemble-wise for guests in REAL life.

I let go of the opportunity many times over the last few months, till I finally managed to work up some courage and go speak to complete strangers at the Sangeet I was attending last weekend!

The result?

I finally get to introduce you to a brand new section to thedelhibride -

Wedding Guest Style!

You’re a bride only once, but you’re a wedding guest forever.

If you click on the link above, it will take you to the new section.

Would love your feedback on this, dear readers! Leave your precious comments below, or on the page!

Make A Fashion Statement at the Next Wedding You Attend

1 Apr

Make a Fashion Statement at the next wedding you attend Masaba Gupta saris

I’ve been married for almost a year and a half now. And this is what happens every time I open my cupboard to choose a sari to wear to a wedding -

I browse through all the saris I own, and reject 90% of them because “it’s chamki” “too plain” “already worn it to the last 6 weddings” or “everyone’s going to be wearing this”.

Sometimes, when I’ve attended too many weddings in a row, I reject ALL the saris in my cupboard, because it gets seriously repetitive - the same style, the same embroidery, the same fabrics. Now I’m not the kind of person who likes to make serious fashion statements at a wedding, so I usually stick to very “typical” kind of saris. The most I do is Continue reading

Tarun Tahiliani at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week A/W 2014

27 Mar

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week day 1 Tarun Tahiliani

It’s been a while since I attended a fashion show. And an entire fashion week – well, quite a while! Honestly, after attending my first one (India Bridal Fashion Week), I was dreading all the Fashion Weeks to come…ever. All I was thinking the last few days was

Continue reading

The Making Of: Parents’ Dance Video

21 Mar


I made a video.

While my friends and family were choreographing and rehearsing dance routines for our Sangeet back in October 2012, I was taking attempting candid-style videos from my SLR camera. In the hopes that one day, my videographer would be able to stitch it together with the final dance performances (yes, we call them performances; we’re very serious about our Sangeet that way) and give me something memorable.

Well, after a year and a half of waiting, I finally did it myself :)

This is an attempt. An absolutely amateur attempt at making my first video. ever.

Best viewed in HD, on your laptop screen (not the phone!). And put those earphones on if you’re watching this at work! ;)

About the video: I made it using iMovie. While I was shooting their practice sessions, I already knew I wanted a candid video later on, where we could see “behind-the-scenes” footage and bloopers! While Sangeet night was great, it’s the month leading up to that moment that made it all unforgettable. We were meeting every weekend, and towards the end – every alternate day to practice our pieces. The parents were especially hard to practice with, because although their enthusiasm levels were sky-high, it’s not easy teaching a bunch of over-45-year-olds an entire dance sequence. There were times when we almost gave up on them, but eventually – theirs was one of the best performances on the Sangeet. They didn’t forget a single step! Unlike the rest of us :p Here’s hoping there’s many more of these to come our way!

Usually, I ask a question at the end of my post, to know what you have to say about a post. But today, I’m just going to say -

Hope you enjoyed it!

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Schedule Announced

20 Mar


FDCI presents Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2014

- 119  designers showcasing through runway and exhibition

- 31  shows during the 5-day fashion event


26-30 March, 2014


Hall No. 18, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Show Schedule

Day 1

Wednesday – March 26

3:30 PM                    Opening Show by Tarun Tahiliani

5:45 PM                    Anupamaa by Anupama Dayal | Vineet Bahl

7:00 PM                   Kiran Uttam Ghosh | Raakesh Agarvwal

8:15 PM                    Shantanu & Nikhil

9:30 PM                   Nokia presents Rina Dhaka


Day 2

Thursday – March 27

2:00 PM                   ‘Myoho’ by Kiran & Meghna | Prama by Pratima Pandey

                                   | Vaishali S

3:15 PM                    ‘my village’ by Rimzim Dadu | Kallol Dutta 1955

4:30 PM                   Anand Bhushan | Nachiket Barve

5:45 PM                   Amit GT | Charu Parashar

7:00 PM                  Ashima-Leena

8:15 PM                   Malini Ramani | Nikasha

9:30 PM                  Rahul Mishra

Day 3

Friday – March 28

2:00 PM                    Pia Pauro | Urvashi Kaur

3:15 PM                     Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta | Paromita Banerjee

4:30 PM                    Vogue India Fashion Fund presents Archana Rao

5:45 PM                    Dev r Nil | Rishta by Arjun Saluja

7:00 PM                    Payal Pratap | Sanchita

8:15 PM                     Satya Paul

9:30 PM                    Twinings presents Abraham & Thakore


Day 4

Saturday – March 29

12:45 PM                   Chhaya Mehrotra | Josh Goraya | Rinku Sobti

                                    | Saaj by Ankita | 431-88 by Shweta Kapur

2:00 PM                    Hemant & Nandita | Tanvi Kedia

3:15 PM                     Rajputana by Samant Chauhan | Zubair Kirmani

4:30 PM                    Soltee | Virtues by Ashish, Viral & Vikrant

5:45 PM                    Mandira Wirk | Rehane

7:00 PM                    Rabani & Rakha | Siddartha Tytler

8:15 PM                     péro by Aneeth Arora

9:30 PM                    Fiama Di Wills show


Day 5

Sunday – March 30

12:45 PM                   Pinnacle – Shruti Sancheti | Tanieya Khanuja

                                    | Taurus by Dhruv – Pallavi

3:15 PM                     Jenjum Gadi | Mrinalini | Sahil Kochhar

5:15 PM                     Anita Dongre

9:30 PM                    Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale by Namrata Joshipura


I missed going to Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai so even more excited for this edition of WIFW! Fingers crossed I get to attend all the bridal wear designer shows, so I can report live to you! :)

The 4 Coolest Markets In Delhi For Your Bridal Fix

15 Mar

thedelhibride on the four coolest markets in Delhi for your bridal fix

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Yes, I’ve not been writing too many posts. BUT, although I may be a bit MIA (understatement of the century, I know!) from the blog, there’s a LOT happening behind the scenes – everything blog-related and everything wedding-related. So just calm down, women. I’m not going anywhere! I’m just gathering enough “data” to give you better and better posts! And if you reallyreallyreally wanna know what’s been up, I’m posting on Instagram daily for my #365grams project where I share what’s happening every single day this 2014 – so follow me there if you want to be in the loop.

Of course, my guest posts for other websites must continue, so here’s the latest one -

I wrote a post for POPXO (previously, eStylista) on the best markets in Delhi to shop for bridal wear from. This one should work as a quick guide for anyone who doesn’t know much about Delhi Continue reading

My Bridal Beauty Must-Haves Interview on The Luxe Report

12 Mar

Last month, Praachi from Luxemi (a website where you can rent designer-wear!) emailed me asking if I could share my list of beauty products every bride should own. Recalling the scary time before my own wedding, when I was absolutely clueless about what I should and shouldn’t buy, what’s necessary and what’s optional, I jumped at the opportunity and promptly sent her a detailed list!

2 years back, I used to scour beauty blog after beauty blog, trying to figure out what I should buy, as a bride-to-be who is a beginner at makeup. Here’s a customised list, just for brides who are just starting their makeup journey!

bridal beauty must-haves thedelhibride Shinjini Amitabh ChawlaWhat’s are the must-have products in YOUR beauty kit?


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