Vendor Feature: Choc Tales

29 Aug

choc tales cover photo

I received an email some time back from Sanah Vohra, co-owner of ChocTales, who introduced me to her bakery business. Why was I interested in this?

Wedding cakes, of course!

Sanah, who has trained at Le Cordon Bleu, London, runs the business along with her mother - Ritu Vohra, who has been creating desserts for over a decade now. They sent over some samples for me to try -

I love how Shinjini = thedelhibride now :)

That’s how the samples were packed & sent

Choc Tales overview

Couldn’t wait to dig in when I got it!

Super Duper Awesome Brownies

Well, the Chocolate Brownies were absolutely delicious. That’s their best-selling item as well, and it’s yummy! I gorged on way too many of these!

That's a LOT of brownies!

That’s a LOT of brownies!

They were as delicious as they looked! Yum yum!

They were as delicious as they looked! Yum yum!

Disappointing Cupcakes

The cupcakes, unfortunately, were not so great. The fondant tasted ok-ish, and there was inconsistency in the taste from top to bottom. The fondant hadn’t held up so well either, but that’s probably because of the Delhi heat.

Chocolate Fudge & Peanut Butter+Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate Fudge & Peanut Butter+Chocolate cupcakes

I spoke to Sanah then, and informed her that while I LOVED the brownies, the cupcakes were disappointing. And it wasn’t just me - my whole family was of the same opinion (yes, they enjoyed their fair share of the samples as well! I took the opinions of as many people as I could). And that had gotten me a bit worried - because the cupcakes were the closest comparison points I had to wedding cakes, as they’re also covered in fondant. Sanah then assured me that cupcakes were made very differently from wedding cakes, and the fondant had disseminated the way it did because of the heat (I had to agree with her on that).

Cakes with Icing Only

She then sent over 2 miniature cakes I could taste to get a better sense of what the wedding cakes would be like - Chocolate Truffle and Victoria Sponge Cake with Strawberry filling (I didn’t click pictures because half the icing was on the inside cover of the box when they got home, as the person I had sent to pick up the cake didn’t hold it properly while travelling). Although neither of these had a fondant covering (they were like normal sponge cakes with filling and icing on top), they were both absolutely delicious. I generally stick to classics when it comes to cakes - I enjoy Chocolate Truffle, Pineapple & Black Forest cakes, but give me something that has a filling or layer of anything fruit related and chances are I won’t like it (yes, PLEASE never give me one of those dreaded fruit cakes with multiple fruits in the filling and sprinkled over the icing!). But this time, I quite enjoyed the Strawberry filling cake as well! And what I loved most was - both the cakes were just the right amount of sweet, and were SUPER moist! Once again, the verdict was unanimous - everyone at home liked both the cakes!

How To Order Wedding Cakes

ChocTales makes customised cakes and bespoke wedding cakes. Sanah says, “feel free to request anything special or out of our regular menu - we will try our best to accommodate your request.” If you want to order a wedding cake, Sanah & Ritu will first meet the bride/groom with their family. After getting an idea of your likes and dislikes, a tasting session takes place where you choose the flavour and quantity of the cake. The wedding cake is then designed and the mother-daughter duo make sure that everything you want is accommodated on the cake. The design can be inspired by the flower decor, the interiors of the wedding, the brides clothes or even mehendi designs. “Brides often request for something unique which is inspired by the memories and experiences of the couple,” says Sanah.

Pictures of Wedding Cakes by ChocTales

(click thumbnails to view full-size images)

The Final Verdict

If you’re a bride/groom looking for a wedding cake, ChocTales certainly has some seriously delicious options, especially if you’re looking for a cake with only icing on top. If you want a fondant covered cake though, I suggest you try it out first (they do tasting sessions for you to pick the flavour) and decide for yourself. They’ve recently started doing Dessert Tables as well (I’ve always loved the idea of having one!), so if you are looking for one - check them out! I must clarify though that they haven’t done any for a wedding, YET. Edit: They’ve done a few dessert tables recently, head over here for pictures. They’re looking good!

If you’re a dessert enthusiast or have a sweet tooth in general, DEFINITELY grab yourself some desserts from here, especially those brownies! I’m craving to dig into another batch! *drifts into brownie dreams, ahhh…brownies everywhere* *snaps back to reality* Sanah, “no one can eat just one”! Send me more ;)

Contact Details:

ChocTales is located in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon - they deliver to Gurgaon & South Delhi. Call them at +91-98-11-269767 or visit their Facebook page here.

Have you ever tried a ChocTales dessert? How would you rate them?

Pen down your thoughts.

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