Best of Weddings This Week #3

20 Jan Best of Weddings This Week thedelhibride Indian weddings

What does this week’s line up have in store for you? Some pretty decor ideas, beautiful Vegas weddings and accessories for brides we loved! Here is the Best of Weddings This Week #3. Continue reading

Wedding Wardrobe: Of 3 Brides! Masoom, Apoorva & Shirin

15 Jan Wedding Wardrobe Masoom Minawala - Anita Dongre bride in blue gota patti lehenga - twirling

Spread over 3 different events in the lives of 3 different brides, here is the story behind their wardrobes. With an Anita Dongre, a Sabyasachi & a Frontier Raas lehenga, this post promises to give you more than enough eye candy to last you a whole month!  Continue reading

How I Styled 1 Anarkali in 3 Different Ways this Wedding Season

13 Jan 1 Anarkali Styled 3 different ways to wear to weddings

Indian wear is expensive. Or should I be saying, my tastes are expensive? Either way, most anarkalis I love don’t start below Rs.15,000 (at minimum!) and just a set of unstitched suit fabric in raw silk costs Rs.8,000. Of course, I still go on a manic hunt every time to find something more reasonable, but the fact no one can deny is - ethnic clothes cost a helluva lot these days! Which is why, when you have bought something, you want to get all the use out of it you possibly can.

I have one anarkali in my wardrobe that I love so much, I wore it to 4 different wedding events last winter. But when you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again, you want to style it differently each time, however slightly, so that it doesn’t look the exact same over and over again. Continue reading

Wedding Wardrobe: Anasuya

6 Jan Wedding - Malyali bride getting ready black & white shot - Anasuya Wedding Wardrobe

I will be the first to admit - I love everything Bombay. And so, it’s no surprise, I love my Bombay Brides (do the names Shonan, Anushka & Masaba Gupta ring a bell?) Since I spent a lot of my early school years in Mumbai, and went back there for college, I have a lot of Bombay people on my Facebook list. One of them is a girl called Anasuya. She was my batchmate in college, and if there’s one thing I remember about her, it was how I perpetually saw her in silver jewellery during those 3 years on campus. Why is this important? You’ll find out soon enough.

Anasuya popped up on my Facebook feed last year. In bridal finery. That I loved. We had a long chat over coffee at a Delhi cafe, where she showed me all her gorgeous wedding photographs while exchanging notes on how Delhi life compares to Mumbai (she’s moved to the Capital to live with her husband, Ashish). I loved so many things about her wedding, and was particularly excited to feature our first Malayali couple on the blog.  Continue reading

Dear Newlywed | Lessons from my 3-year-old marriage

30 Dec Marriage Advice for newlywed bride India

My beautiful brides. I’ve watched several of you get married over the last few years, and while I’m always trying to iron out the wrinkles on your journey to a bride-to-be, I’ve felt many of us are left unprepared for the journey to a wife-to-be. This one is for all the future wives.

Dear Newlywed Bride,

You’re about to embark upon one of the best journeys life has to offer. Marriage. It’s such a small word, but has the most significant impact. It’s a delirious journey, where your happiness will know no bounds – you’re finally together forever. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing each morning will begin with the face of the person you love most in the world, and that the warm snuggle at night before you fall asleep will be in their arms.

You’re going to set up your home together, but while choosing your furniture and matching curtains, don’t forget to remember that you are, in fact, building a life together. Build new rules, keep some old ones. You’re free to do as you wish with this life. But keep glancing over your shoulder and make sure you’re holding hands. It may seem obvious, but when the hard days, the sad phase, the confusing moments begin to make themselves comfortable in your life – grip their hand a little harder. Make sure they’re there, and allow yourself to be gripped hard. Love is not easy, but loving hard, with all of your heart, opening up completely to another human being – letting them see you for who you truly are, and watching astonished as they accept you with all your flaws, till one day you realize you too have begun to accept them despite all the flaws you see – is the only way to love.  Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Shopping in Meherchand Market

23 Dec Meherchand Market Wedding Shopping Guide |

Ever so often, I will stumble upon a fascinating new store online, and what do I find? It’s located in Meherchand Market. Bang next to Lodhi Colony, this market has been around for a long time, but it’s only over the last few years that designer boutiques, both big and small, have cropped up alongside cute hangout cafes. Suddenly, it’s a nice spot to shop for your wedding, minus the crowds of more popular markets such as South Ex.

But no one really knows too much about Meherchand market. Ask a Delhi-ite what are the best stores to shop at, and they are likely to wrinkle their foreheads trying to remember that one name someone told them about recently. So, of course, I knew I had to put all the brides’ questions to rest. This is an all you need to know guide to wedding shopping in Delhi’s Meherchand market.  Continue reading

thedelhibride Asks… should Matha Patti & Nath not be worn by wedding guests?

21 Dec thedelhibride Asks... Is it ok for guests to wear matha patti and nath to a wedding

thedelhibride asks when wedding guests wear bridal jewellery is it appropriate

Recently, someone asked me a question on Twitter -

“Is it appropriate for guests to wear a matha patti or a nath to a wedding?”

- @floralspice

I replied saying, “I don’t think so, unless it’s part of your culture. Although, a really small nath on the bride or groom’s closest family members seems alright. Or the matha patti on the bride/groom’s own sister or bhabhi. But she should hold back on other accessories then. Most “appropriate” jewellery on guests (over & above what is normally worn) would include maang tikka, haath phool, arm bands”

What do you think? I’ve seen more and more women wear jewellery that one would typically associate with the bride.

Do you think it’s appropriate for guests to wear bridal accessories?

More questions answered by thedelhibride Asks.

Featured image courtesy: Morvi Images (one of my favourite wedding photographers!)

UPDATE! I asked this question to my fellow bloggers and wedding industry peeps on Twitter, and on Instagram as well. Here’s what they had to say!

Roli (RGVLove & CrazyIndianWedding): If the guest is going to wear mattapati or nath, then keep everything else minimal. Don’t try to upstage the bride!

Tejasvini Chander (Makeup Artist): Matha patti- yes! Nath- no!

Dimpy Kapur (Delhi Style Blog): I think anything tasteful is appropriate, and yes, they can :)

Aditi (Marathi Weddings): Depends, because Maharashtrian Nath is usually worn by all in weddings. But a heavy Matha patti to someone else’s wedding is big NO for me!

Devika Narain Mathur (Wedding Designer): Guests should be allowed to wear whatever they please. I personally love a wedding where everyone is beautifully dressed.

Devina Malhotra (Guilty Bytes): I don’t think so! All of this is for the bride to adorn. The guests should stick to earrings & maang tikas, unless it’s a custom.

Shreya Kalra (For The Love Of Fashion & Other Things): I honestly think it’s okay so long as it is balancing out the rest of the look. Over the top jewellery just makes the guest look silly in the end.

Abhilasha (Looking Good Feeling Fab): The excess should be balanced out with a minimal look. You’ll find a mangtikka look here. Let me know what you think!

@aulakh_kitty: I don’t think so…it’s a bridal thing…

@rupalmalik: She can wear matha patti

@madhvik14: If they can pull it off, why not? As long as the rest of their jewelry is lighter.

@v3dantjain: Normally, it’s not advisable. But if they want to, then the rest of the outfit has to be very minimalistic.

@swatiladia: Not both definitely. Mathapatti with nothing in the neck.

@rim243: One or the other, but not both together.

@anishadawar: Mathapatti.

@urvashisalaria: Yes yes yes!

@parneetbhasin: Only matha patti.

Wow, that’s a lot of different opinions!

What do you think?

28 Outfits You Can Wear to an Indian Wedding (that are NOT anarkalis!)

16 Dec 28 Outfits you can wear to an Indian wedding - not anarkalis

A cousin called me up recently, and boy oh boy, was she annoyed. “What’s with these anarkalis, man? That’s all everyone wears all the time. They don’t even suit my body! Only slim and tall women can carry off anarkalis, but that’s all that seems to be available for the entire Indian population to wear. Aren’t there any other options?!”

Oops. Since I love anarkalis, that’s pretty much all I talk about here on the blog. And since I don’t see the “trend” fading away any time soon (or ever?) that’s all I stock up on. My wardrobe has only 3 things to wear to Indian weddings - a dozen anarkalis, handful of straight cut suits, and saris I wear thrice a year. Those lehengas? Yeah, well, I’ll re-use them when my waist size is back to 26. Which might be never…*gazes longingly into the distance remembering my pre-wedding body* *wipes tear off cheek*

3 years back, there weren’t a whole lot of other options available for the Indian girl. But cut to 2015, and the world is your oyster, baby. Capes, shararas, palazzos, crop tops, dhotis, cigarette pants, jackets, high-low kurtas, drapes - the silhouettes are endless! Continue reading

Where to Buy Floral Jewellery in Delhi

10 Dec Where to buy floral jewellery in Delhi - floral jewelry for the bride on her Mehendi

Floral jewellery has been around for a couple of years. It has been many a brides’ go-to-accessory for the Mehendi ceremony, and I’ve been wondering lately what sparked the trend. Did brides want something unique to adorn themselves with, or was it a matter of finding a lower budget accessory?

Either way, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and considering how popular it is, it’s surprising how little is known about where to find it and whom to get it made from. Continue reading

The What To Wear To MY Wedding Guide Every Bride Needs To Share With Her Wedding Guests!

2 Dec For blog - Sangeet9

You know how I’m always saying - we don’t take care of our guests enough? Yes, the same people you’ve already organised hotel rooms, logistics and food for? Yeah, sorry to burst the bubble, but that’s not enough.

You have to do more than just pay for their food, you know. When someone’s a guest at your wedding, it’s your responsibility as a host to make sure you’re giving them the best experience possible. Or at the very least, make it as smooth a journey as possible on the days they’re with you.

This is especially true for friends who fly down from all over the country and the world to attend your wedding. “Outstation guests” is what we call them :)

How I Got The Idea

3 years ago, I had a couple of friends flying to Delhi from Mumbai to attend my wedding. Some of them were Catholic, and some thought Delhi wedding = bling bling bling only. I realised they were clueless about what to wear to my North Indian Hindu wedding, and so I quickly made a personalised Little Wedding Fashion Guide for them so they didn’t feel out of place. It included all the different functions, time of day, dress code, what people usually wore on that particular function, the “Bling Factor” and any important things to keep in mind. Continue reading


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