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Maxi Skirts: The New Budget Lehenga?

25 Feb

If you’re looking for light lehengas that are also light on the pocket, I have an idea for you. I’m sure I’m not the first person in the world to have had this inspired thought, but last weekend I saw this picture of a maxi skirt & crop top -

Fuschia embroidered maxi skirt with nude crop top

and thought to myself, “This is so pretty, can’t it double up as a lehenga?”

Waittaminute *quickly scrolls down to check price*

Yes, it can!

The crop top and skirt were priced at ₹26,000 – the average these days to buy a light lehenga by an even slightly known designer. Was I onto something?

Were there other maxi skirts out there that could double up as light lehengas?

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Trousseau Destination: Anita Dongre, Mumbai

21 May

anita dongre trousseau destination

Exactly a year ago…

…I was on a project in Mumbai. I had gone to Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel for an early bachelorette of sorts with my girlfriends from college. Don’t ask for the details, because you’ll never get them :)

Just when we entered the mall complex, the Anita Dongre bridal wear store caught my eye. And since I had started trousseau shopping already, I went in for a quick peek. Continue reading

Trousseau Destination: Eveva Love

1 Aug

trousseau destination eveva love

I haven’t found my sangeet lehenga yet. There are less than 90 days to go, and I am still looking. I am confused, lost and clueless. I don’t want to spend a lot on it, since the occasion doesn’t need it. I am looking for a relatively simple lehenga – with bright colors and very limited embroidery.

When I saw this post on Peaches & Blush about a new place called Eveva Love in GK1, I decided to pay the store a visit. The pictures in the post seemed full of color, and the work on the lehengas did not seem heavy. It seemed like the kind of place I would find my sangeet lehenga in.

I met Neena Singh at the store (visits are by appointment only). There is no sign outside the door that says Eveva Love. It’s basically a space on the first floor of a GK1 bungalow. The store is delightful, with a large variety of Indian wear. They have saris, lehengas, anarkalis. One of their USPs is most definitely the fact that they have all the trendy new Indian wear styles as well – lehenga saris, kurtas with dhoti style pants (not sure what they’re called), shararas and even lehengas with long jackets, all of which are made in very wearable styles.

If I was not shopping specifically for my sangeet outfit, or if I hadn’t already overdosed on pinks in my trousseau, I’m sure I would’ve picked up atleast 1 or 2 things from here. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I did find two outfits for the sangeet I totally loved.

Full flare lehenga (L); Lehenga Sari (R) from Eveva Love

Check out the difference in flare – the one on the left has the kind of flare I want in my wedding lehenga *fingers crossed for Om Prakash Jawahar Lal* (pray for them, because if they don’t give me a lehenga I totally adore, I will kill someone! :p Just joking…not) But the lehenga with full flare was very, very expensive. Definitely too expensive for a sangeet lehenga. The one on the right was an absolutely beautiful combo of bright yellow and blue – the picture quality of my phone is obviously terrible (for a clearer picture, go here). But, it’s a lehenga sari. Do I want to wear a lehenga sari on my sangeet? Also, it was almost INR 10,000 more than what I am willing to spend *sigh* Why isn’t this getting any easier?!

Bottom line is – Eveva Love is a great store for trendy new Indian wear, with lots of bright colors and great wearable designs. I would consider it a bit on the expensive side, atleast in comparison to Mansi Gupta of Regalya. But, their look is extremely ethnic while Mansi’s is more chic and modern so it’s not exactly an apple to apple comparison.

And about my sangeet lehenga…it’s still not decided :(

How to get in touch with Eveva Love – call Neena Singh +91-9910488244 or Chandni Kochhar +91-9899977721 to book an appointment. Their address is B-95, 1st floor, Greater Kailash Part 1, New Delhi. If you’re coming from N-block market, keep going straight till you hit Archana Arcade on your right. From there, don’t take the left towards M-Block market. Instead, keep going straight till almost the end of the road. B-95 will be on your left.

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