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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Sangeet Outfit Secret Board Revealed!

14 Nov

My Best Friend's Wedding Secret Sangeet Outfit Lust List Revealed

Deciding what to wear on your best friend’s Sangeet is not as easy as it should be. Or, is it - and we just make it complicated?

Either way, you know you don’t want to out-do the bride, but you also don’t want to look like the lost daughter of that Aunty who the bride last met in 1993 and has turned up only because her mom guilted her into it with that dreadful line we’re all akin to falling for “Beta, you never come with us anywhere.”

Basically, you want to lie somewhere in between the “Who does she think she is? The bride?!” and the “Didn’t anyone tell her she was attending a Wedding?!” Continue reading

My Best Friend’s Wedding: 18 Days To Go & I Still Don’t Know What I’m Wearing

12 Nov

If you haven’t yet, read the first two posts from this series - Prologue & Chapter 1 - before you get started with this post.

My Best Friend's Wedding 18 Days To Go And I Still Don't Know What To Wear

Panic is slowly, but surely, making it’s way into my mind. I have bits and pieces figured out, but not a single look is a 100% done. This is what I’ve figured out till now -

On Mehendi

DECIDED! :) All the way from the outfit, the earrings and the exact bangles I’m going to have on.

Footwear is the only part of the look that’s still a big fat questions mark. I need to buy pretty jootis. Continue reading

My Best Friend’s Wedding: My Personal Checklist as Maid Of Honour

11 Nov

Read the Prologue before you get started with Chapter 1.

My Best Friend's Wedding My Personal Checklist as Maid Of Honour

I’m a self-appointed maid-of-honour at Karishma’s wedding. And what ends up happening to the maid-of-honour? The wedding is one month away, and I haven’t even decided what I’m going to wear!

Ok, before a panic attack sets in, let’s make a list. Because lists always calm us OCD (mild, mild case) type of people. Continue reading

My Best Friend’s Wedding: Prologue | Karishma

10 Nov

My Best Friend's Wedding Prologue

Haha. My best friend. I sound more 16 than 26, don’t I? :)

Everyone starts off their childhood with one best friend. That first best friend. If you’ve changed schools, or cities - you’ll know it means: enter best friend #2. Then college brings you a new best friend, and maybe you were lucky enough to find another one at your new work place, or your second college.

As life goes on, you add best friends to your list. Though once you hit your twenties, the phrase slowly makes its way out of your vocabulary, and you’re introducing him or her as “one of my closest friends”. But in your head, you’re still saying “my best friend”. It never gets old, does it?

So. My best friend is getting married. Continue reading


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