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This is a place for me to talk about my daily life as a Bride To Be (BTB). Expect useful links, life lessons, and general bride banter.
I’m getting married in October to my high school sweetheart!This is the status update at the moment:
– date is fixed
– wedding venue: we had decided on a place, but then our delay of 1 day in booking it led to somebody else taking it. Poor mother had to go scouting for other options this morning, but I don’t think there is a lack of good options.
– caterer: for wedding, its fixed. We’re getting a very good rate. No, I won’t tell you how much. But I will reveal their name after the wedding if I feel like they were good.That’s about it for now.

One thought

  1. so till now i was just reading on all the posts, making diligent notes, nodding my head when i found similar situations/confusions/emotions!, crying with you, laughing with u, smiling with all that ur wedding experience brought with themselves! afterall, arent we all a “delhi bride”!!
    and today, just by chance i clicked on this post and what do i see!! there’s more common lines here than i would have thought! i am too a would-be October bride AND marrying my high school sweetheart!! ❤
    as if reading your experiences here wasnt surreal enough, this one brief note of similarity makes me feel so much more closer and familiar to you!! mine is also a marriage of 2 cultures – i am a punjabi and he's a bong!

    looking forward to reading more of the bridal banter and chatter! cheers to all that you do to bring a smile to a would-be bride 🙂

    PS: need LOTS of tips from you!! right from what to wear at engagement function, smiling constantly for the camera and meeting guests, adjusting in a new home, the initial days (and the awkwardness they bring) in a new home, experiences of a new bride… the works!



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