Shopping & Bookings off to a GREAT start!

First trousseau purchase – done!
I bought an angrakha style suit from Kapil & Mmonika and I LOVE it. Well, it still has to be altered to my size so how the finished product looks on me remains to be seen. But I’ll tell you why I love it – the style is so freaking modern for a salwar kameez. I can wear it to a dinner party at a hotel, and even to lunch at a relative’s home. It also has a bit of turquoise or teal blue (I’m a little color illiterate) popping out, and that’s a shade of blue I am looking to have even in my wedding lehenga!Also bought an off-white kurti from Fab India, that can be worn with a variety of bright colored patialas/churidars with an equally bright dupatta. Although I might end up wearing the kurti over the next few months, the Kapil & Mmonika suit will be packed up and kept inside my cupboard – to be worn after I’m married! Wow, that sounds pretty cool to me 🙂 “after I’m married”!!!Oh! And the fiancé and I just got invited to probably the first wedding we will attend as husband and wife! A second cousin is getting married about a month after our wedding, and we’re going to attend it as Mrs & Mr. Wow-zie! Yes, wedding excitement makes me say silly things like wow-zie. But, really, wow! Sooo excited for it already!!! 🙂

In other news, the panditji is sort of booked for the wedding. I say sort of because he still needs to confirm 100% that he’s available and willing.
I have also sent off a mail to the videographer of my choice, asking to set up a meeting when he is in town next so I can finalise whether or not I want him and can afford him.

Left to book still: sangeet venue, DJ, decorator, photographer (99% going to be the same guy who did the engagement). Oh, and the Make Up artist! I must, must head off to the mall next weekend and book her. Hmmm…! So much to do still, as always 🙂

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