Save The Date DJ, I’m having 2 Sangeets!

A LOT has been happening the last few days!
Other than work keeping me stressed…
The Panditji is 100% booked. As is the sangeet venue! Deposit’s paid. DJ got booked today. He’s charging Rs. 15,000. Anyone know if this is the going market rate these days?Picked up my brand new angrakha suit and it can be described in just one word – fabulous. It’s such a unique piece, perfect for any bridal trousseau. As a new bride, you are expected to “stand out”. And stand out I shall! :pAh, and I’m going to have many many nights of partying during the wedding!
So…I’m going to have 2 sangeets! Seriously 🙂
And a separate reception.
So that means, I have to buy 4 fabulous outfits for all 4 nights.
And of course, something pretty to wear for day-time on all these 4 days.
And a haldi, and a mehendi outfit.
Does that sound like a lot?
Well, I’m getting married! It don’t matter! Hehe.

In other news, Save The Date card is done! We had a photo shoot that my sister did 🙂 and it was amazing! We’ve got a whole bunch of beautiful picture memories from that day now (I’ve even made a collage out of the best moments!). I even set up a form on Google Docs to collect RSVP and contact information from my friends – will send a link of it to my friends when I send save the date cards (hopefully, tonight!). I’m extremely pleased with my STD card btw. The right moment has been captured, and the final output looks a little Bollywood-movie-poster-ish, but I’m not complaining! Very, very excited to finally send out these cards!!!

My mother went out and bought FOUR wedding magazines! At first I thought – what a waste, mother! You get everything on the internet these days! Turns out, I was wrong. There’s some pretty pictures and helpful articles in there! Will share as and when I get more time.

Oh, oh! And my FMIL got me a saree for Holi (Indian festival of colors)! It’s such a GORGEOUS saree! It makes me very happy to know that my fiancé’s family’s tastes in clothes, home decor, etc is so much like mine! It’s a big relief too. Because when they spend so much money to buy me gifts (they’re big gifters!), I want to be able to love it and use it often. Which is exactly what I’m going to do with my gorgeous, gorgeous saree! 🙂

Looking forward to my FIVE day wedding affair! Always imagined mine would be wrapped up in a 2-day weekend. Never imagined it would turn out to be such a grand affair! This is what you get when you marry a Punjabi. Go Punjabe-eee! 🙂 oh balle balle, hey hey! :p

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