Magical Days

Not much to update on wedding front.
Wedding guest list is almost done, but a long way to go before it’s final – need to sit down with parents and edit!
Bought another suit, for casual wear. It’s made of origandy and is a nice shade of purple with same color embroidery on it. Atleast through wedding shopping, I’m learning a whole new vocab for textiles!
Sent out Save The Dates to all my friends, sent His out as well. Got a whole bunch of RSVPs already, though my mother’s saying I shouldn’t be so sure that everyone will actually land up on D-Day.
A friend from the past contacted me, and wrote the sweetest congratulatory message!
And, the BIGGEST news I had to share – I started reading and using The Magic book. It’s incredible. This book has changed my life in a matter of three days, and it will help me sail through all the wedding (and life) madness! SUPER happy to have found The Secret back in my life!

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