DIY Sari Draping, and Overdoing Trousseau Suits!

Bought 3 new suits!!! 2 suit ka kapda (just cloth, need to get it stiched), and one cute kurti from W. The suit kapda are from Kalpana and Heritage in South Extension market, New Delhi. They’re all so pretty and cute! 🙂
Ok now I think I’ve over-done the suits, need to start looking at other trousseau items now.

Btw, BIG NEWS. I learnt how to wear a sari! Mom taught me this week, so I tried wearing 5-6 different saris at home. I’m a pro now 🙂 and have learnt how to wear it in a way that looks good on me 🙂 I am relaxed now because it means when I need to get ready for my reception at my in-laws’ house, I will not need to go to a parlour to get my sari draped. Phew! I also know how to wear a heavy net sari in a proper way.

About the guest list – I have been able to finally get my parents to sit down and start editing that monster of a list. Hopefully we will be done soon!

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