The Month of April

It’s almost been a month since I updated this blog!
Had to travel for work, so you can imagine wedding prep came to a long pause.These are the updates:
Do parents tend to flip flop a LOT with wedding plans that have already been fixed in case they have too much time? My wedding is over 6 months away, and I had pushed them to book the venues for wedding and sangeet asap. It was all fixed, deposits were paid, and then slowly but surely, their idle minds started coming up with new ideas. So now, they have changed the wedding venue to a farm house (I’m not complaining though – the venue is gorgeous, the decoration team is extremely competent).
However, I do have a problem with their wanting to hold the Sangeet also to an outdoor venue. My issues with it –
a) the wind from mist fans will mess up my hair
b) if I feel hot, my makeup will melt and I have oily skin so that could be a potential disaster (well, not really – MAC blotting film to the rescue).
c) guests will also be able to enjoy dancing more indoors with the AC on! No?
Ok, so tell me if I am over-reacting. Maybe it won’t be that bad? I don’t know, I’m not convinced yet.2. HONEYMOON
We started off with Thailand, then we pretty much settled on Australia, when all of a sudden the fiancé calls me up last night and says “what about Spain? Check out Spain! You’ll do the research na?”
So, since he is Mr. Entrepreneur, apparently I have more time to undertake all this research. Well, consultants work hard too, you know! Hmmm…I lost that argument. In addition, my consultancy work ex apparently gives me the skill sets to find a pin in a haystack.
I checked out Spain, and figured it’ll get too cold to enjoy the waters on a beach. I crossed it off our list. Can you guess His response?
“You need to give more flexibility to the plan. Your wanting a beach with warm waters is causing so many things to get crossed off the list. Can’t we do a beach holiday some other time?”
Ok, so these weren’t his exact words, but this was the message! So I told him – pick ANYWHERE in the world, just let it not be as cold as the Delhi winter, because I really, really hate the cold. Let’s see where this goes…

Ah, the dreaded guest list. Since we obviously cannot afford to feed 2000+ mouths on a single night, irrespective of what a great deal my parents can get with the caterer, we need to cut this down. AND filter out who’s going to be invited to the Sangeet (we CANNOT be calling more than 250 people tops). Why is this such a painful exercise?!

I bought a beautiful turquoise blue flowy top to wear over my bikini suit (so pointless if there’s going to be no beach holiday, hmph), and that’s pretty much it. Unless you can also count a pair of grey jeans, 2 amazingly smooth and soft M&S bras, and a pair of silver ballet flats from Zara. Need to start looking for my lehenga now – end June is my deadline. Oh, I went to Anita Dongre’s store in Phoenix Mills, Mumbai. I found some of the suits and lehengas absolutely amazing, but they were all way over my budget. Hmmm…need to check out Chandni Chowk soon.
As for makeup, I have started applying spf, moisturiser and foundation daily (foundation is necessary to make my face less shiny after all the spf and moisturiser).

Ok, you know what? I’ll add more about makeup in a separate post later. Should probably get back to work now 🙂

See you soon, ladies!

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