Honeymoon destination, bling, bachelorette & watercolor invites

Update time!

Yes, it’s been fairly long since I wrote anything here. This is what I’ve been upto:

1. Honeymoon

Sure about the destination – Australia! However, fiancé is delaying making bookings with travel agent. I believe it’s about time now, right? Shouldn’t the itinerary be decided by now? Why am I the only one worried about this?! Ufff…

2. Jewellery

Started looking for all the jewellery my parents will give me for the wedding. Went to Tanishq the other day (it’s a pretty standard shop to visit) and found some lovely sets. But, there’s one thing I figured out – some people buy heavy sets for their own wedding as it’s appropriate for a bride to wear those types of big sets (my definition of big is still much smaller than the average Indian bride’s!), but you can’t really wear that set ever again. Or, you will rarely wear it. For most of the events you will attend during your lifetime, that big set will look inappropriate, and you WILL look overdressed, and people WILL look at you and wonder “What was she thinking wearing that to this occasion?” I’d prefer to buy a smaller set that’s easy on the eyes, and can be worn again multiple times. In case you really want to wear a statement piece, choose another piece of jewellery for that – the earrings, bangles, ring, maang tika, waist belt, that thing bride’s wear around the arm. But not the necklace. And if you MUST wear a big necklace, there’s also the option of wearing a fake one. Nobody will know! They’ll just assume since you’re the bride you MUST be wearing the real thing.

Another jewellery-related revelation – I LOVE diamonds! I never understood the fascination, but once I started looking for myself – its. so. SHINY! Good luck to the fiancé 😉 I want lots of tiny diamonds on a platinum band (been pinning some engagement ring ideas onto my pinterest boards)

3. Guest List

This is a disaster piece. I can’t seem to get my parents to edit it out, there’s just too many people. But I guess it is what it is. It still needs some more work, maybe this weekend we’ll all find the time. Ufff…

4. Bachelorette

Ummm…I’m clueless. What do people generally do? My boy’s heading off to Goa with his friends, they’ve already booked tickets and all. I’m really, really clueless. How will I get all my friends and sisters together much before the wedding? There’s a range of issues to deal with here –

  • since the sagai is 3 days before the wedding, I could have the bachelorette 4-5 days before wedding. But most of my out-of-town friends (and most ARE out-of-town) might not be able to come so many days prior to the wedding.
  • is it possible to get everyone to travel to a place outside Delhi? Too many additional expenses, me thinks.
  • i can’t drink alcohol just a few days before wedding. I’ll look worse, and I don’t want to take a chance I’ll feel sick during the wedding ceremonies. Is it possible to enjoy your own bachelorette without alcohol? (everyone else will be drinking)
  • where in Delhi do I have this? A friend’s house?

5. Wedding invitations

So, apparently, Chandni Chowk is THE place for invitation cards. I haven’t been there yet, but I’m told they can do ANYTHING. Since I really really hate the normal Indian wedding cards, I’m going to try getting some watercolor or other designs that I see on the internet (they’re for American weddings mostly). Hope to be pinning like a madman on my Pinterest Wedding Invites board over the next few days.

6. Trousseau

Wedding lehenga shopping has begun! Separate post on this later.

Pending stuff to do –

  • Buy lehengas for sangeet & wedding, buy sari for reception, mehendi & haldi outfits
  • Choose design for wedding invites
  • Finalise guest list and start collecting addresses
  • Send a save-the-date to family members and parents’ friends
  • Remind the boy to make honeymoon bookings
  • Create a more final version of wedding checklist
  • Create honeymoon checklist (coming soon to help you out as well!)

2 thoughts

  1. Hey.. M planning to go to Australia too. Can you share your experience? Like what places u went and loved. Shopping if any. 🙂


  2. Hey Shinjini, Nice Blog. Loved the Honeymoon series. Hope you had a wonderful trip to Australia. It would be great if you check & advise what is missing from our list http://www.justorbit.com/oceania/australia/ As your Personal experience might help us improving our information 🙂

    @ Akansha , Why don’t you try planning your Australia Honeymoon trip on http://www.justorbit.com/ . Here you will find all the details like major cities to cover, attractions, things not to miss


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