Looking for my wedding lehenga at South Extension

I needed to make a trip to South Extension market on Saturday morning, before heading off to Chandni Chowk. So I went to Ushnaq Mal first, since my parents thought they had good wedding lehengas. Most of it was too much chamki (in-your-face-shiny) that not only looks fugly but also photographs terribly. But, there was ONE lehenga, a beautiful light pink with a lot of embroidery, but the toned done kind. It was a sophisticated lehenga, and I had even decided to get it made with a coral pink base matching with a mint green blouse (don’t ask me why but I’m totally obsessing over this coral-mint green combo)! However, I didn’t put down an advance for the order and told the guy that I would confirm by the next day. The reason was that, although the lehenga itself was beautiful, other than the embroidery there was nothing else that we “designed” for it. I mean, anyone can get a pretty base for a lehenga was subtle embroidery, put a straight line border of a contrasting color at the bottom, a matching blouse and 2 dupattas that also match. Ummm…it didn’t involve any real designing, it wouldn’t be as unique as I’d wanted and honestly, since I took elements from three different lehengas to put mine together, I just couldn’t visualise it. The guy said he’d have it ready by early September, but…I wondered how stressed I would feel for the next 3 and a half months not sure of how the lehenga would turn out. It’s a matter of trusting someone’s sense of design. Take Mansi Gupta for example (shes a designer who sits at Le Meridian in Delhi and designed my roka ceremony anarkali suit) – even then the whole concept and color combo was in our heads, we designed it together, and I was barely able to visualise it. But the outcome was amazing! I loved what she did and now I am sure that she understands my sense of style, I trust her blindly to give me something I’d love. I get her now, and she gets me. I obviously didn’t have that level of comfort with that uncle (who btw is a pervert, so word of caution to all the girls – avoid Ushnaq Mal, and if you can’t then do insist on the girl taking your measurements, definitely not that old uncle).

So I left Ushnaq Mal thinking, the lehenga is so pretty, but I’m just not sure about it.

I’ll continue this story in tomorrow’s post…off to sleep now, need to wake up early to workout (YES, I’ve started doing some basic stretches and crunches at home for the last few days. Another post on working out some other time, I promise!) Good night fellow Bride to Be’s!

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