Top 7 Bridal Beauty Mistakes via

Just read this absolutely essential article on – Top 7 Bridal Beauty Mistakes.

These are the ones I found particularly useful:

Mistake No. 1: Skipping blush

I rarely, if ever, use blush. And when I do, I build it up to a barely there coverage. However, on the Big Day, I think barely there will not do. It should atleast show up in photos, giving you a flushed cheeks look and if combined with a well-contoured definition, nothing like it!

Mistake No. 3: Forgetting a second pair of shoes

Specially important on Sangeet night. You don’t want to be dancing bare feet on that dirty dance floor in case the partying goes on till late – carry a pair of jootis that will match with your suit, or a pair of super comfy flat sandals that will go under than lehenga.

Mistake No. 4: Leaving your lipstick at home

On my roka ceremony, I got my makeup done at MAC. The MUA (make up artist) put on a red shade of lipstick, and I didn’t have that on me. So mid-way through the ceremony, it had faded too much but I had nothing to do a touch-up with. Luckily, my aunt had a lipstick I used, but it wasn’t the same shade and you could see the difference in photographs. Don’t make this mistake!

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