How to Hire a Makeup Artist for your wedding via ATB

How I got started on the last post was actually when I read this post on Addicted to Blush about How to Hire A Makeup Artist. I love all the points in this post, but my top ones would be:

  • going to makeup counters of department stores and finding your MUA for the wedding at a reasonable rate (I think I’ve found mine at MAC!)
  • getting a trial with your MUA. If he/she refuses to do a trial, even if he/she is somewhat famous, I wouldn’t go with him/her. And if they’re famous, they’ll be expensive, more the reason for you to have a trial so that you don’t regret paying through your nose for just-ok-makeup on your wedding day!
  • Plan to buy the same lip color / gloss from the makeup artist so you can take it with you that night—you shouldn’t need to reapply anything else” – how I wish I’d read this before my roka! This is SO important!

5 thoughts

  1. hi! just found ur a delhi bride as well :)) getting married in dec.. would u mind telling me which mac outlet in delhi did u go to to try out MUAs?? any help would be great.. im clueless rite now!


    1. The MAC outlet in Select City Walk and Ambience Mall, Gurgaon has some very competent MUAs. I’ve heard Clinique is also a great place to find good MUAs (I don’t have any personal experience though) – you should check that out as well. Do let me know how it goes!


  2. Hi TDB. Love your blog, and the newly launched magazine, congratulations on that.
    I am getting married in Dec ’13, and looking for a MUA for engagement/sangeet and wedding (on 2 consecutive days) who won’t break the bank (read ~10K for a ceremony), and who is willing to travel outstation. Wedding is in my hometown in UP (a small town about 4 hours from Delhi).
    What complicates things is that I live in US, and won’t get down to N. Delhi until 12 days before the wedding… Am desperately in need of help here 🙂


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