Help! I Am New To Makeup! via ATB

You’re getting married! Congratulations! What are you doing for your skin to look its absolute best on D-Day?

There are two ways your skin will look its best – makeup, and your own natural healthy glow. This two-part article by Addicted to Blush is a great guide for any bride who’s looking to start a skincare routine and get some makeup basics right:

I am New To Makeup – Help! Part I

I am New to Makeup – Help! Part II

It’s a start from scratch guide – perfect for complete novice brides like me!! My favourite parts:


  • If your budget is limited, spend more on skincare than makeup. Healthy skin looks good, without or with makeup.
  • Lightly steam your face for 5 minutes before exfoliation to increase its efficacy.
  • You must moisturize at night even if you don’t do it during the day. Your skin repairs itself at night.
  • Post waxing, use Cold Aloe Vera gel or Biotique Chorophyll gel – it really soothes the skin.
  • Drink coconut water everyday


  • For foundations, do make it a point to go shopping barefaced. Try it on your skin, go & see what it looks like in the sunlight & wear it for a good 3-4 hours before you purchase. Some foundations tend to oxidise (turn darker) with time on oily skin, a 3-4 trial will give you ample time to test it.
  • To deal with pigmented lips, when applying liquid foundation, lightly apply a layer over the lips as well to tone down their pigmentation

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