Wedding Planning Updates – 2nd week of June

Last weekend was mini-vacation weekend. My family went for a quick 2-day trip on the outskirts of Delhi, and I had my first – ok, first two – spas!

And yes, my whole routine’s haywire now. Have not worked out since last Friday! But, I’ll get back to it starting tomorrow.

Other developments have been taking place –

Wedding Lehenga – Found & Lost(?)

I found the perfect lehenga a few weeks back. But I looked at the price tag and I was like ack! But, we found a designer who said they could make an exact copy. I was so psyched – yes! I’ll wear the prettiest lehenga on planet Earth and it will still be in my budget! Taayein-taayein-phiss happened yesterday – I saw the sample yesterday (the designer did one kali/panel of the lehenga) and my whole family was majorly dissapointed. We realised that maybe the designer’s designing sensibilities did not match ours, and we’re wondering where the hell to get it made from now! Mother wants to drag me all over Delhi this weekend to find a new wedding lehenga that’s readymade. *sigh* So we seem to be back to square one, unless we feel confident about finding some other designer who can make an exact copy.

Photographer/Videographer – save me from “Madam idhar dekho! Face neeche, aankhein upar!”

Spending a bomb on photographers and videographers is no longer making sense. In an Indian wedding, it seems it’s typical to chalk out a budget but then slowly realise that you’ve overshooting your budget by quite a bit. The lehengas you like are pinching (ok, more like tearing apart) your pockets, you go with the caterer who’s slightly over budget because you don’t want to compromise on quality of food (come on, you know you can’t go cheap here), the trousseau budget is expanding manifold because you just didn’t realise how much a suit and saree for a formal occassion cost…the list is endless. Back to the point – I have decided that we are not shelling out huge sums for capturing wedding memories. My fiancé came up with a great idea – we’ll buy an SLR camera which his sisters/friends will use to click pics at his house (which we will then gift to his sister as she’s always wanted one), I’ll borrow an SLR camera from a friend for getting more candid shots at my house, we’ll buy one handycam to capture videos at his house, and I already have an SLR camera that I want to use for video-shooting as it has HD video! We’ll also, of course, have our normal studio wala team for covering the ceremonies. But what will be required on our part is some amount of effort – explaining to him what kind of photos we want, what kind of video editing we want, etc. So, for example, I want candid plus documentary plus some posed images – I’ll tell him “bhaiya, please don’t flash very bright lights in people’s eyes while you are trying to take a candid photo, because then they will become concious” and “bhaiya, please don’t take videos of people posing for the camera becuase I don’t want videos of people stuck in time – that’s what a camera is meant to do!” However, I’m still open to ideas – in case anyone knows how I can afford a Vishal Punjabi and Vinayak Das/Snigdha Sheel, please feel free to get in touch with me at thedelhibride at gmail dot com or leave a comment here. Even if your idea involved fund raising to be able to afford that gorgeous lehenga, and these amazing photographers/videographers! Please!

MNBB (My Nose But Better)

I’ve suffered from blackheads my whole life. Never cared too much about it. Now suddenly, I do. Everyone says I need to get a pre-bridal package done at a salon. Ummm…why? Can’t I just take better care of myself over the next few months and look my best anyway? Well, it’s not that I’m against salon treatments. They’re just alien to me. But, I do want to get rid of these damn blackheads. So last night I used a scrub, then steamed, and then used a multani mitti mask (Himalaya’s). My skin looks absolutely great today, but the blackheads are still there (duh!). I even scrubbed tomato on my nose a few days back. Not much of a difference really. I’ve been scouring the pages of all the top Indian beauty blogs on how to remove blackheads, and man oh man! There are sooo many ways, apparently. Will any of them work on me? Stay tuned to find out.

Ciao for now!

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  1. I have read several just right stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much effort you put to create one of these fantastic informative web site.


  2. hey gurl…yeah, me too worrying over blackheads since quite some days!!! baking soda is one option. check it out. and, I will try some more and let you know how it goes 🙂 even for me the salong thingy is a little alien!!!


    1. Hi! He’s already on my list of photographers to contact. And oddly, the girl in red is the album that made me fall in love with his photography! Such a weird coincidence! I am still to contact him…but yes, am skeptical about how much he will charge. Chalo I’ll ask him anyway. thanks for confirming that my research has led to atleast one great photographer! 🙂


      1. yeah he surely is talented… he kinds of gels with all family members and forms great rapport with them so that its just like some insider clicking random shots… just that they turn out to be brilliant…


        1. I think that’s the biggest problem with local studio wala guys. They don’t bother with building any rapport, and I also think family members allow them that kind of feeling of comfort either. *sigh* it’s sad but true 😦


  3. sorry to hear about your lehengha :O 😦

    Whats your budget? Maybe I can help, been to like a million places searching 4 mine all over delhi, so have a fair idea bout prices and budgets


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