Wedding Day Makeup – Trial or No Trial?

I know there are a LOT of salons in Delhi that say “No, you can’t have a makeup trial before your wedding”. To all of them, I say – SCREW YOU!

Unless you have been my MUA on several occasions in the past, I cannot blindly trust you to give me picture-perfect makeup on the most important day of my life.

And no, it’s not my problem if you don’t have the business sense to lose 0.1% of your product stock to gain a new customer. And no, I am not pleased with your lack of concern at making my day go smoothly. I want to prepare in advance so that I can stay stress-free on wedding day. Brides-to-be, it’s your right to have a trial for your makeup, dress, heck, even your hair!

Does your tailor say, I’ll make any minor alterations on the day of your wedding?

Does your caterer say, you’ll taste my food only on wedding day?

Does your photographer say, I’ll show you samples of my work on wedding day?

So then why do MUAs have the right to say, I’ll do the first and final version of makeup on your face only on wedding day?

Of course, you’ll still find plenty that say “No trial” but I urge each and every one of you to not accept those MUAs. It’s your day, your closest family and friends will look at your face all night long, you will look at the photo albums decades after the wedding’s done.

Get that damn trial.

PS. Angry rant inspired after reading a MUA herself recommending a trial for peace of mind on wedding day.

8 thoughts

  1. I have a high school friend that always does my hair and nails so I know when it comes to my big day, she’ll have a spot in it and her mom loves makeup so most likely her mom will be my MUA. And although I’ve known her for so long, I know I’ll still want a trial before the big day. If you have a rehearsal for weddings, why not a rehearsal for the looks, practice makes perfect AND all those services will not only be perfect when the day comes but it’ll probably take less time since they will know exactly what you want.


  2. I stumbled across your blog, and find it awesome 🙂 I’m a November Delhi bride – so hoping to get a bunch of tips off you! I live abroad so it’s harder planning the whole wedding. Where are you going for your bridal make-up?


    1. Hi! Thanks 🙂 Always glad to find another fellow delhibride! I’ll either do the makeup myself, or call one of these MUA’s at home. I definitely will not have the time to go to a parlor to get the makeup done. Planning on getting an MUA from one of the MAC stores. They’re pretty good.


  3. I accompanied my friend in searching for a MUA and booking one for the D day. we finally settled at one, but they said No trials. I insisted that we can not trust you blindly. She later agreed and to my surprise she agreed to “half face makeup”. Excuse me. did i hear that right? I went into a coma zone and my friend had to wake me up. LOL … but half face…. so i kept on arguing and FINALLY she agreed for a trial, “which she said she will wipe it off so that my friend dosent go to some party with that free of cost make up done”. So when she was giving her trial, we came across many things which were OTT and too blingy. Thats when all our hard work of fighting paid off and we finally knew what we wanted for the wedding night. 🙂


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