Give some thought (of the non-materialistic kind) to the most special day of your life

Aditi, of Marathi Weddings blog, just shared a link to one of her posts on how your wedding should not be treated as just another event to organize. Beautifully written, it serves as a reminder to all brides (myself included!) not to stress so much about the tiny details, and remember to ask yourself whether that lehenga, although gorgeous, will be worth the financial strain it will put on your parents. The following lines from her post seriously struck a chord:

“I truly believe the best décor you can get is when the venue is filled with happiness. The best makeup you can put on is with a natural blush on the brides face. You ought to look pretty to the one who loves you, even if you are not dressed in the latest bridal collection of an A list designer. You need not have 200 items on your menu to make your guest feel special, just greet them with your warmth and nobody will be left dissatisfied. Just a genuine smile on the grooms face will give a feeling of content to the parents of the bride. A few special moments during the wedding with your MIL (as it is her special day too!), will make her feel closer to you.”

The feelings you feel and create in those around you matter so much more, and it’s those memories you ought to worry most about.

Thanks Aditi!

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  1. All this is true, but one must also remember that parents know their financial limits and that they have also spent their life dreaming about the perfect wedding for their daughter. So dont obsess over the tiny details, give ur parents a little credit and benefit of doubt when they take certain decisions and remember to just have a fabulous time on your wedding day 🙂


  2. so true!!! even one of my fren got married last october and she bought everything so well within the budget and still looked gorg!!! she as well said that no point spending so mcuh when one can’t even wear it next time and I do think that’s true. my mom really appreciated her for that 😀


      1. Hello,
        My daughter is coming to Delhi for her wedding just a week before. Can you pl suggest some good shops/stores which sell ready to wear or slight modification within 5 days. I am in lot of stress becz
        most of the shops asking for 1/2 months for delivery of final product.
        Pl do reply.
        savita soni


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