The wedding’s getting close…!

Fiancé ji’s birthday happened recently. For the first time in years, I hadn’t done any massive preparation in advance – thanks to wedding planning keeping my days full! Thankfully, work got really light around his birthday and I got to arrange for a few special things 🙂 Gave him a surprise at 12 am at his house with cake, balloons and gifts. Had an absolutely wonderful time myself, can’t speak on his behalf of course! It’s his last birthday as a bachelor. I’ve already had my last birthday as a bachelorette! Wow, the wedding seems close now.

One friend and one family have booked tickets to Delhi for the wedding recently. My parents have started calling up friends and family to inform them that dates have been decided for wedding functions – the old-fashioned way of “sending” save-the-dates! Thanks to these two steps, it’s starting to dawn on me that I’m getting married soon, there’s no backing out now! 😉 But seriously, although full realization will still take many more months to hit, I’m starting to feel it now. Whenever I’m filling out a form, I realise this could be one of the last few times I tick the Ms box. Whenever I’m having lunch in office, I realise that not many more meals will taste this way.

I don’t mean to make it sound depressing – after all, I have been dreaming of marrying this boy for as long as I can remember! Just wanted to keep you guys informed that I am, indeed, getting married soon!

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