The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding – With A Twist

This is the first guest post, on the series “My Indian Wedding – My Way”. Karishma, our guest blogger, is a fellow delhibride who is having a December wedding. She’s currently juggling wedding planning with treating patients on her dentist’s chair!

A big hello to all my fellow brides-to-be! And a huge thanks to thedelhibride for featuring me here. This post is going to be about some of the small things I’m doing to make my Punjabi wedding not your typical big fat Indian wedding.

Lets me start off with telling you a little bit about me – my fiancé and I have been together since 2003. Completing 9 years this December – yup, it’s been LONG! We are both dentists and are working together. Dreaming about our wedding is what got us through three hell-ish years that were our post-grad course. And now No More Exams EVER! Let the partying begin!

The Start of Wedding Planning

During our initial discussions on wedding planning with our parents, one thing emerged clearly – all of us wanted a wedding that was simple and streamlined. Something that would be fun for the guests to attend but at the same time, easy for us to host (or as easy as it can be to plan a big fat Punjabi wedding!). Without compromising on the masti, we wanted something that would be convenient for everybody.

What I’m doing to make my wedding special

1. Selecting a convenient wedding date:

Our panditji was my fiancé’s uncle. We were keen on December, so he just checked his phone, saw a good weekend and voila! We had our wedding date! With a lot of relatives coming in from abroad, our wedding date – Dec 25th is perfect for them (Christmas holidays). We couldn’t be happier with this date as it suits everyone.

2. Daytime wedding:

None of us wanted a wedding that stretches on till the wee hours of the morning. Decided this after seeing the plight of my cousin after her 3 am pheras and 5 am doli. She was too exhausted to even lift her arms! My future mother-in-law came up with this brilliant idea of having the wedding in the daytime. Our venue is a beautiful front lawn of a hotel that I am hoping will look spectacular on a sunny Delhi winter morning. Current plan is to have the wedding between 11 am – 4 pm, starting with the pheras followed by lunch. An added bonus of a day wedding – it’s kinder to the Earth. No heating, no lights needed!

3. No stage

Ours is going to be a small-ish wedding with around 250-300 guests and we are planning on skipping the stage altogether. Hopefully, this will also save us from the posing and fake smile pictures. We want to be able to walk around and greet our guests personally. We are hoping this allows us to spend some quality time with our guests, not to mention good candid pictures.

These are the ways in which we’re trying to plan a wedding that is truly us.We have been lucky since our parents have pretty much agreed to most of our ideas. Let’s hope they continue this way *fingers crossed*

Have any of you thought of doing things a bit differently? Do share if you have some other ideas. Would love to get some more ideas.

Happy wedding planning, CHEERS!


How are you making your Indian wedding special?

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    1. @delhibride why don’t you try the tip of the liquid foundation I had shared with you. take a little amount of bb cream in the palm and spread it on both the palms by rubbing together and then, press it on the face. it works well for me. or, you can also try applying it with a brush!!! donno how that will work out. and, when you apply moisturizer, apply a pea size on the damp skin and leave your face alone for 15-20 minutes in which you can dress up


      1. Hi Swati! Firstly, you’ve left your comment on a post completely unrelated to bb creams! Hehe. Anyway, the maybelline bb cream is not working for me. The problem is – without moisturiser, it gets flaky on my skin. With moisturiser, my face gets oily too quickly. Even compact powder doesnt work well to take away the oiliness. I probably need to find another bb cream that works better with my skin type.


    2. Thanx Swati!! I was a little hesitant about the day wedding at first but once i saw the venue i was totally convinced!! Am hoping everyone will enjoy attending our wedding as much as we are njoying planning it..


  1. Great post Karishma and all the best! Ur wedding seems to be a very charming affair. Hope it turns out exactly how you’ve visualized it 🙂
    We’re trying to forgo the stage as well. Instead, we’re getting the wedding planner to make small decorated ‘nooks’ all over the venue so we can walk around and pose in those nooks. Im hoping it’ll b ok, though not sure how it’ll tirn out.


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