Trousseau Destination: Cherry Fig

trousseau destination cherry fig

I was in Lajpat Nagar on Saturday evening, looking at invitation card designs with my mother (a whole post on that some other day). When we were done, I remembered this export surplus store i had read about on brownpaperbag (bpb) – Cherry Fig. I know, odd name. But I read it was the Sarojini Nagar for western clothes under 1 roof – I was intrigued. I don’t visit Sarojini Nagar. Mainly because it’s not a stone’s throw away from my house (I’m terribly lazy), and also because mostly there are no trial rooms there. Ok, so maybe I can always try out the clothes by putting them over the clothes I’m wearing, but that has led me to buying things from SN that I never wore because they didn’t fit just right.

I won’t bore you with too many details about Cherry Fig. The bpb write up has it covered pretty well. What I will tell you is this – if you’re looking to buy a lot of western wear for your trousseau (which I’m sure most of you are), GO HERE. Don’t give it second thoughts, just go. When I went this weekend, I saw stock from Only, Vero Moda, Calvin Klein, Reebok – all at pretty great prices. I bought a dress, tops and a shirt.

What I bought from Cherry Fig

What you will find there – really nice dresses, dressy tops and shirts, jeans, tshirts, even track pants! I bought a pair of Reebok track pants as well. They have a guy’s section upstairs, although I just glanced at it. And…they have a trial room! 🙂

Bottomline – it’s a great store for your western wear trousseau items mainly because you can get LOTS of clothes at pretty great prices (most of the stuff is INR 650). I tried to bargain, but they didn’t give in. And it’s also great for any honeymoon shopping you need to get done 🙂 (hint hint: check out my green dress)

Want to know about the other great places in Delhi to shop from? Head over here for more Trousseau Destination posts.

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