Trousseau Destination – Hauz Khas Village introduction

I visited Hauz Khas Village (HKV) for the first time a few weeks back, and wrote a post on Rewaz by Dolly J – a wonderful shop for some very ethnic yet unique Indian wear designs. HKV is packed with all sorts of stores to amuse you – from run of the mill to designer Indian wear, quirky cafes and restaurants that serve all kinds of mouth-watering dishes to stores that sell unique stationary and vintage bollywood posters. For an extensive list of places to visit in HKV, go here to brownpaperbag’s website (it also includes a very useful map of HKV to help you not get lost).

Hauz Khas village map via brownpaperbag

I went there today to, surprise surprise *yawn* – look for my Sangeet lehenga! Although I didn’t finalize on my lehenga, what I did discover was an amazing array of high-end stores that catered to all my wedding trousseau dreams. I kid you not. The only downside? See how I said “high-end”? Yup, they were – pardon my language – bloody expensive. Anyway, even if I can’t benefit from the discovery of these heavenly stores, those of you with pockets deeper than mine should definitely know about these stores. I present to you a choice of stores to burn a hole in your parents and/or fiancé’s pocket. Brides, pick your poison.

#2 Ogaan – coming up in the next post.

(#1 was Rewaz by Dolly J, the first in a series of Trouessau Destination posts on Hauz Khas Village. Click for links to #3 Aumbre and #4 Ole Couture)

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