Where to shop for swim wear in Delhi

where to shop for swim wear in delhi

Are you heading to a beach for your honeymoon? I am! Living in Delhi, most of us don’t have appropriate beach wear. And if there’s one thing you’ll definitely need for your honeymoon trousseau, it’s a swimsuit! Whether it’s a one piece or two piece bikini, you’ll need to know where to shop from in the big, bad city of New Delhi.:

  1. Curves (M block market, GK1) – lots and lots of variety in swim wear, They will even customise a piece for you. I liked a style, but liked the colour of another swim suit so they made me that style in the colour combination I liked – by the next day! Highly Recommended!
  2. Holidae Store HI Couture (M block market, GK1) – have heard this one has plenty of variety as well, yet to visit Update: been here, it’s pretty decent, worth a visit
  3. Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, FCUK (Select City Walk) – some decent ones, but very limited variety
  4. Bwitch, Speedo, other sports stores such as Adidas (Select City Walk) – good for one-piece swimsuits
  5. Aldo (Select City Walk) – they just had 2 left, probably because most were sold off during the sale. They don’t have a trial room, but they will allow you to go try at La Senza’s trial room with an Aldo sales rep accompanying you. The two that I saw had nice prints, but they were just ok.
  6. Chemistry (Select City Walk) – I got my two-piece from here. Pretty decent, and pretty pretty! 🙂 Price was INR 2000 – INR 1000 for each piece, which means that you can go buy just the upper or lower part if you want separately. Recommended!
  7. Forever 21 – Added because blog readers have recommended this in the comments below!

In the process of finding out which places had swimwear, I also ended up finding a lot of places that don’t keep swim wear (these are all Select City Walk branches) – La Senza (surprising!), Miss Jo’s, UCB, Promod, EDC, Forever New, Zara, Guess. Yes, I know I should’ve known they didn’t have swimwear but hey, FCUK did so I thought why not ask the others?

Anyway, there are two more places to visit – Puma and Holidae Store HI Couture in M block market, GK1. I still need one more swimsuit to complete swim wear shopping.

Do you know of any other good places in Delhi to shop for swimsuits?

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  1. Yay for beach honeymoons!! We r headed to bali!! I checked out most of these places too.. M n S had very few pieces and bwitch had nothing good.. I found both of my swimsuits at forever 21! A verryy ehem.. “sesky”(if i may say so myself) black one piece with a detachable halter strap.. They also have the cutest bikinis in a lot of brigt colours for abt 399rs per piece! I bought one of those as well! Speedo n puma have very sporty styles which i felt werent honeymoony enough! F21 is definitely worth checking out and their stock changes every few weeks so u will find something for sure..


  2. Please make sure you buy beach wear and not swim wear. Bought this super pretty 2piece from tommy, currently using it in Goa and what I find is that sand goes into it if it’s not beach wear! So please check that out!


  3. Thank u very much Shinjini for highly recommending CURVES, M Block Market, GK ! let u knw… it is diagonally opposite to Prince Pan (for my friends who want to find it easily as I had lil difficulty as address wasnt mentioned here 😉

    I am glad that I bumped into this page…You made my day… I am heading for mah honeymoon to Bahamas and I wanted to buy some good Beachwear (romantic, peppy, naughty ;)…lol…
    found really good Beachwear at Curves !!! They hv lots of real good stuff for beachwear and more sexy dresses, i couldnt stop myself buying lot of things…

    Full satisfaction and worth 4 money ! I will also highly recommend you girlz 🙂


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