The GREAT news!

I started off this post a few days back, ready to take you through my 2nd visit to Aumbre. I went there just to pick up my made-to-order blue top, but ended up with something completely unexpected!

And before I could finish writing that post, there was additional big news to share.

What I should do right now is give you all the details on both the pieces of news. But I don’t have the damn patience to write down even an additional paragraph. I want to tell you, like, NOW!

So here goes –

I found my sangeet lehenga, and my wedding lehenga finally arrived!

Details in an upcoming post. I know, I know…too many “upcoming post promises” spoil the broth, but what to do…HAD to share! 🙂

Edit: Finally wrote the post on how I found my sangeet lehenga – read it here. And for full details on my wedding lehenga story, go here.

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