How I found my Sangeet Lehenga

how i found my Indian wedding sangeet lehenga aumbre

I found my sangeet lehenga at Aumbre. Yup, it’s done. After searching in too many places to count – all the way from the expensive Frontier Raas, to the bright colors of Eveva Love and the big ghera at Ole Couture – I finally found the one I loved the most. This is how it happened:

Remember that blue top I’d placed an order for a few weeks back at Aumbre (Hauz Khas Village)? I had been procrastinating going there because there was always something more important to do for the wedding. I finally took out some time and decided to pick up the top. I dragged my mother with me, explaining to her that in case the top didn’t fit I’d need her help to make them understand what kind of alterations were required.

I tried on the top when I reached Aumbre, and it was perfect. I loved it!

Meanwhile, my mother was browsing the new stock at Aumbre and found a very contemporary looking black and beige anarkali that she promptly handed to me. I tried it. And…loved it. Placed the order! (there are some clothes at Aumbre that are actually reasonably priced)

Then, a lehenga caught my eye. It had the kind of big flare I wanted. It didn’t have the kind of bright colors I was looking for, but I thought – what the heck, just try it! But it was just a skirt, without a blouse. Saw a sari which had a blouse that would match the lehenga somewhat. Took both into the trial room.

I came out, and guess what? My mother and I loved it. Was this going to be my sangeet lehenga? This plain looking skirt with a blouse that actually belonged to another sari?

The answer came easily to me – YES. The colors it “should” be didn’t matter anymore. It looked good on me – as is. Why does anything else have to matter?

I placed the order, and expect it by mid-September. I will add embellishments to the lehenga if required, once this “first draft” is done. So relieved, and so happy to have found something I loved.

In other major news, my wedding lehenga finally arrived from Om Prakash Jawahar Lal at Chandni Chowk. More on that in the next post.

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  1. Awesome! Must be such a relief.. I picked up my sangeet leenga in a very similiar way.. Went to a million places n didnt like anything there.. Tried on a lehenga coz i thot the dupatta was cute n bang! Loved the whole thing on me.. Mine is a shaded crinkled georgette skirt with a beautiful broad border.. Am thinking of getting it embellished as well.. The raw silk choli n dupatta r perfect as it is.. :))


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