I’m getting married NEXT month! Wedding Planning Updates for August

Miss me much?

Work kept me working far too many hours, on far too many days. Any-hoo, let’s keep the work talk aside and get back to business – wedding planning updates! This is how far things have progressed:


  • Paper cards: Will place final order today – finally! I know, I’m late. How? Apparently, it takes a lot longer than I expected! But we’ll get to that story some other day
  • e-cards: done! My super talented sister sat down for half a day and made a card we loved so much that we considered chucking the current design of the paper cards and just get this one printed instead! But, we didn’t. So I now have two completely different cards – paper and e-vite, and I love them both equally! Lucky, haina? 🙂
  • The Love Quote – a big thank you to everyone who pitched in and suggested love quotes for me to use on my wedding card. I finally picked two – one for the paper card, and a different (more mushy) one for the e-card. That’s all I will say for now 🙂


  • Main functions: You already know that the wedding lehenga and reception sari are done and that the sangeet lehenga is arriving mid-September. I bought a crushed turquoise blue skirt for the mehendi – need to alter it to 3/4th length and find something to go with it. Any suggestions? Plain top? Dupatta? What to do?
  • Other trousseau items: have started getting everything stitched – suits and blouses for saris. Now I understand what people mean by “the list of things to do before a wedding is endless”. You don’t go and dump 10 blouses and 10 suits with your tailor. You give him 2-3 in one go so that there are lesser chances of him screwing up and he doesn’t take you as a customer for granted. Just in case there is that teeny tiny chance that he does not do such a great job on one suit, you can always correct him and ensure that the remaining suits don’t have the same problem. Another lesson this trousseau stitching thing has taught me is this – buy more readymade clothes! It’s a pain getting too many stitched, unless you have the time and inclination to put in that much effort.

Engagement rings

  • Done! Went to a shop this weekend with the fiancé and both sets of parents. Choice was limited in that shop, which was getting me angst-y. I usually look around a lot of options before buying anything major in life, so that I don’t regret it later when I see something in another shop that I hadn’t checked out before. I know, I’m painful like that. Anyway, the limited choice of rings, lack of time and the seeming willingness of everyone to just decide there and then turned out to be a good thing – I picked what I liked fairly quickly (not without giving it atleast an hour of thought! haha) and everyone went back home happy. All I’ll tell you about my ring is that it’s all sparkly! Ok, who am I kidding. That’s pretty much all I know about it anyway 🙂
  • During our roka, we’d already exchanged gold bands. Now we’re getting a set of separate engagement rings that we might be replacing on our left hands. But what do people normally do? Wear both sets of rings, just the bands because they’re easier to manage or just the engagement ring?

Makeup Artist

  • I’ve decided to go for my roka MUA. Once again, thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the post about which MUA I should go for. This one has suggested someone for hair, and I’m tyring to get both of them to have a trial with me soon.
  • I’m also considering the option of getting everything except makeup done from b:blunt. I need to find out whether they will do it, and if yes then what their charges are and how feasible it is as an option.


  • Although this is not supposed to be my area, I do know that things have been progressing rather well. I’ve submitted all my documents to the fiancé, which means that we’ll be applying for the visa very soon. Yipee!
  • Shopping has been on in a sporadic manner. Need to finish up here quickly as well.

That’s all for now. Pending things include – start dance practices for the sangeet (which I’m MOST excited about!), buy jewellery for wedding outfits, figure out if I’m having a bachelorette party or a youngster’s games day…a few from the never ending list. Am I missing anything?

How is your wedding planning progressing?

4 thoughts

  1. aawwww girl, you look like in the middle of everyhing!

    how about a corset top for your mehendi lehenga?? a lot of girls are doing this, although I am personally going for a normal long choli….anything you feel the prettiest and comfortable in, you should really enjoy your Mehendi!
    Oh somebody advised me to make sure that where ever you’ll be sitting for your mehendi make sure the seat has a back, its easier to sit for longer hours!

    I have seen people wearing both the rings on the same hand, engagement ring first and then the golden band.

    Great that your MUA issue is solved!


  2. hey..you must get something comfortable yet stylish (make sure its all button up or zipper- for the convenience sake during the long ordreal of follow up oils and mixtures on the mehendi for brighter color)..personally I am not getting dupatta for my mehendi dress..i have got a sleevless back button short kurti with long skirt..
    I am awaiting your lehenga details, please send it to me..i am planning to go to CC this weekend.


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