List of Indian Bridal Bloggers

Why do you follow thedelhibride? Because you are a fellow bride to be, because it brings back memories of your own wedding (recent or way back in the past) or just because you enjoy reading about all things wedding related? Whatever your reason, I’m here to tell you where to get your hands (or in this case, eyes) on even more wedding masala.

There’s a bunch of bridal bloggers who are also getting married over the next few months, or are recently wed. They’re Indian brides getting married in India, so whatever they blog about is really useful to us Desi Brides. So sit back, sip on your cup of chai and click away for non-stop wedding inspiration!

#1 Peaches & Blush – she got hitched this June, and although hers is mainly a beauty blog, she’s blogged a lot of useful posts on wedding planning and inspiration. Recently, the blog started a P&B Real Brides feature where engaged/married brides post pictures of themselves in all their wedding finery and talk about the vendors they used (mainly, photographers, trousseau designers and MUAs). The comments on these posts tend to be packed with advice/tips from fellow brides. Edit: Brides by P&B is a personal shopping service started by Mehak, mainly for NRI brides who want to come down to Delhi to shop for their wedding.

#2 Crazy Indian Bride: Mission Marriage – she’s on a mission for sure! Lots of useful bridal info, she’s getting married in November. Blog is updated a few times a week. Edit: She’s married now, and has started her own fashion line. She blogs alongside, and oh yeah – she’s also pursuing her MBA right now! Superwomen galore in the bridal blogging world!

#3 Marathi Weddings – A Mumbai-based bride having a December wedding. Another comprehensive blog covering a lot of wedding planning aspects – she’s super organized so you can expect a lot of tips from her. Blog updated frequently occasionally . Edit: She is currently busy with planning her brother’s wedding this year!

#4 The Vows & Beyond – an NRI bride, getting married in Delhi this November. She takes you through the journey to her wedding day through posts on sweet, sweet memories! A lot of it will make you smile and go awww! As of now, blog seems to be updated about once or twice a month.

#5 The Unreal Bride – Kismet, the photographer behind the company, got hitched recently. Once in a while (too long, in my opinion!), she blogs about her wedding through The {Un}real Diaries posts. Edit: I think the {Un}real Diaries series is over now. You can find a lot of other offbeat wedding ideas on her blog.

#6 Ismi Diva – got married last year and occasionally blogs about her wedding under Bridal Files. Currently, her engagement pictures and a breakdown of engagement day makeup are the only posts up. Edit: this blog was last updated in October 2012.

#7 Strawberry Pulp – very recently started blogging about her wedding prep (just 2 posts up at the time of publishing this post), she’s getting married this November. Edit: she’s erased most of her posts, and has just 2 up at the moment.

#8 The Diary of a Mad Bride (added) – An NRI Bengali-bride, she got married in Bhubaneshwar in 2013. Brides who are looking for Kolkata-based information will find her posts useful.

Edit: Brides of 2013

#9 Makeup Beauty Lounge – another beauty blogger who got engaged recently, she is based in Kolkata (although she’s pursuing her studies in a town close by to Kolkata) and blogs about her planning updates via her Bridal Diary.

#10 The Bridal Story – another delhi bride, who got engaged in 2011 and is getting married mid-2013

#11 Ramblings of a Crazy Bride – a Mumbai-based Punjabi bride marrying into a Christian family – yup, this should make for a good read!

#12 Perfect Skin Care For You – a beauty blogger who is getting married this November, she’s recently started blogging updates on her wedding preparation under Bridal Files.

#13 Vogue & Vittles – a Delhi bride, she has written so many useful posts in her Wedding Diaries. Her sense of style is unbashedly bling, so those of you who find my wedding style too simple might want to check hers as an alternative 🙂 Her big day is 17th November!

#14 The Wedding Pitara – yet another Delhi bride, she has put up a lot of great posts with seriously good content. Unfortunately, she’s done with blogging for now, but her blog still exists to help out fellow brides. Edit: this blog has been shut down now, and all the information has been erased.

#15 The Bridal Bells – she’s getting married this November, and has just a few posts up at the moment.

#16 The Postcard Bride – she got married in December and other than sharing photographs from her own wedding, she does a lot of inspiration posts filled with beautiful images of Indian weddings.

Brides of 2014

#16 A Bride in Hurry

Do you know any other Desi Bridal Bloggers?

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      1. 1st Week December..and I had the brilliant (Say whaaa?!?!?!?) idea of having a destination wedding! At this moment..I’d rather just elope!


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