The 47 Day Wedding Workout Challenge

Accountability. I’ve heard it’s a powerful tool for achieving a goal.

What’s my goal?

To be fighting fit by my wedding day. And no, not just for those few days, but for life. I’ve been using the wedding as an excuse to get fit, eat healthy and stay healthy. And let me tell you, it’s a darn good excuse.

But why hasn’t it worked out so well for me?

Reason #1 : Not visible enough

I started off with putting up a page on the blog – Wedding Workout Tracker. In case you’ve been tracking it, you would have noticed I barely ever update it. I thought the existence of this page would make me feel accountable. It did not. Why? Probably because it’s hidden away in a tiny corner of the blog. Not visible enough.

Reason #2 : Nothing to lose

Another issue was – I didn’t have much to lose (pun intended). I am not an over-weight bride who wants to lose a couple of kilos to look better in her wedding lehenga. In fact, I may even be a bit under-weight! What’s the worst that could happen if I didn’t workout? I would have to cover my stomach with a dupatta while wearing a lehenga. Big whoops *rolls eyes* Obviously, not a good enough reason to get my a** off the bed for a workout.

Reason #3 : Not measurable

If I’m a bit underweight, why would I want to workout? My main concern was my health – I tend to fall sick a lot. I assumed that working out and eating healthier would put me in in a better state of health. There was just one small issue with this end goal – it’s not quantifiable. I can’t measure “better health” or “better immunity” as easily as “losing 5 kilos” and this was further dampening the workout mood.

What am I going to do about this?

Presenting to you…

What’s the 47 Day Wedding Workout Challenge?

Workout for 80% of the remaining 47 days leading up to the wedding. That means I can take a total of ~10 days off, MAX. Which is necessary, because rest days are important for your muscles to recover from the strain you put them through. And let’s be honest – my work schedule tends to go a little crazy sometimes, so I need some margin for error!

How will I make it work this time?

#1 Make it more visible

So I’m going to publicise this page all over the web now. And talk about it DAILY. Yes, for the next 47 days, I will give you all the boring details of my workout. And I have created empty space on the Wedding Workout Tracker to fill in as the days progress.

#2 Have something, ok, a LOT to lose – INR 20,000 worth!

I will donate INR 20,000 to a charity of your choice (will put up a poll later with charity options and the blog followers can vote) if I fail to workout on more than 10 days. Yup, 11 days of no workout will mean I have to create a large dent in my bank account. If that doesn’t motivate me, God knows what will! I am transferring this money to my fiancé’s bank account – and he has full freedom to donate it if I fail the challenge (which I’m really, really hoping I don’t!)

#3 Make it measurable

47 days, INR 20k – measurable enough for me!

Do you think I’ll make it?

PS. This post was supposed to be up 2 days back, but I just got some time to publish it now. I’m already on Day 3 of this challenge – you can track my progress on the Wedding Workout Tracker page.

12 thoughts

  1. More power to you girl..and an inspiration for me!!

    I’ve got 87 days till my functions start..and I wish I could say I’m underweight!!

    I’m borrowing your idea of donating to a cause if I don’t lose the last stubborn 5 ( and hopefully more) by 1st Nov.. though my fiancé would happily donate double of what I’d donate to make me stay the nice over weight thing I am!!!


    1. 🙂 my fiancé told me – we shud donate the money IF you win the challenge, cos then it will be win-win for everyone! I told him, the prospect of me being poorer by 20 grand did not appeal to me as much…considering there’s already enough being spent on the wedding! But yes please do borrow the idea…hope it works out for u as well!


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