Lazy Girl’s Beauty Guide

I loved this post on beauty for us lazy girls!

My little space...

To all lazy gals out there… Some quick tips for you all  🙂

Scrub and Cleanser:  Save one tablespoon of your oats porridge. Spread on face, scrub for 2 minutes and wash off. Clean, soft skin. Do not use instant oats/flavored oats etc.

Green Tea toner:  If you love to have green tea everyday, save one tablespoon of the liquid and splash your face with it after cleansing. Great to give skin some antioxidants. You can also incorporate green tea in a mask if you have more time.

Oily roots:  If you wake up and find your roots are oily and have no time for hair wash, take a face cleaning wet wipe and swipe it on the roots and scalp. Instant refreshed scalp! Spritz some water at the ends and apply serum if you want.

Conditioner double duty:  If you are in a hurry and want to shave your…

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