Sari Literacy : How to Preserve Trousseau Saris

When I get married, I will be taking along almost 15 saris with me to my new home. I can recognize which ones are silk and net – they’re pretty obvious right? But, which one’s chiffon? Georgette? Ummm…I’m a little clueless.

Apparently, it’s important for me to be able to differentiate between sari fabrics. Why? Because once I start living on my own, I have to take care of the saris all by myself! And obviously, I don’t want to screw up my trousseau saris just because I’m unaware of how to preserve them.

Fortunately, I found this guide on how to take care of saris. Marry Me Weddings blog came up with Tips on Preserving Your Wedding Sarees. For all brides to be, or those who are recently wed – it’s a must read. A ready-to-use guide for life! 🙂

Off you go now. Go take a print out and keep it next to your saris, or paste it on your cupboard!

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