A Month To My Wedding – Updates Part 2

As promised in yesterday’s post, here’s Part 2 of Wedding Updates!

  1. Haldi outfit – my mother bought me this. It’s just a plain yellow “taat” ki sari, and no I don’t know what that even means! Getting a plain yellow blouse made with it. Bleh.
  2. Makeup Artist – DONE! Booked b:blunt for both Sangeet & Wedding, because I didn’t want to take the stress of where I’ll get my hair done, and whether the draping will be done properly or not. But I love my roka MUA too much, so I’ll keep her for Reception day.
  3. Photographer/Videographer – Tarun Chawla is booked! Yipee! And I have an SLR camera that is being used to extensively cover wedding prep in the form of photographs (my father is pretty trigger happy when we are out shopping) and videos (by yours truly, specially Sangeet night dance practices). I plan on putting everything together post the wedding – it will start from our dating days, to pre-wedding prep and finally the actual wedding.
  4. Sangeet Dance Practices – have begun! It’s going pretty well, but we have a lot of dance items to cover so we need to increase the frequency of these practice nights. And let me tell you, the fiancé has never been into dance as much as me or my side of the family, but he’s being a great sport about it! He’s trying out all kinds of steps, no complaints, no hesitation! I think it’s lovely and also adorable. He is truly cute when he dances 🙂 All my sisters and girlfriends will testify to this!
  5. Rings – DONE. Mine’s already with him, and his will be done in a few weeks as well. I LOVE both!
  6. Invitation cards – ah, these were a biggie. Everything got delayed by 15 days, so we’re still a little behind schedule but we’ve managed to catch up to quite an extent. Delivery, personal and through courier, began last weekend. Things are in full swing now. And remember the ecard I told you about? The one my sister made? They’ve been sent out to all my friends, and my sister’s friends – and everyone’s loving them!
  7. Gifts for everyone – a lot has already been done, thanks to my superwoman mother! But I believe this might take till the day of the wedding to be completely wrapped up – pun intended 🙂
  8. Trousseau – a lot of my clothes are done. The last few are being stitched, or last few blouses are getting wrapped up.
  9. What’s left to shop for – accessories (earrings, bangles, sandals) for everyday and party wear, random things for the honeymoon (one more swimsuit/bikini, beach bag, cheap sunglasses that I don’t care going into the water with), MAKEUP!
  10. Décor / Caterer / Accomodations / Logistics – menu is planned (no, I had no hand in it) and décor will be decided within the next week. The rest is for my family to decide. I’m in chill mode now 🙂

Does it seem like we’ve made substantial progress?

There’s still a to-do list, but it seems fairly doable. Wish us luck!

9 thoughts

  1. Wow that’s nearly everything done! Fabulous! Hey I had spoken about W yesterday -totally wrong reference, here was nothing there- I checked. Think GK 1 for bocade top may be better..


  2. Less than a month to go… Yayy!!! So excited. My lil sister is the bride this time 🙂 All the best! And for Haldi Taat (Bengali Cotton Saree woven with block print style design) is the best. .. My experience is tht Haldi gets a lil messy and you wud not want it dirtying your expensive gorgette saree!!


  3. Nice post I’ve been waiting to read such posts, wedding is all about a dash with traditional customs in India, out of which selecting sarees is a considered most prestigious event. This time most of my relatives are busy abroad, Me and my sister have planned to try out from an online store called Cbazaar which was refereed to me by my friend …wouldn’t mind if someone suggests me a good online store in India to get a good bridal saree for my sister.


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