Chance to Chat with Vidya Tikari

Want to have a one on one chat with the very famous Makeup Artist – Vidya Tikari?

This Saturday, 6th October, you can walk into Inglot at Select City Walk, New Delhi to ask Vidya all those makeup questions (bring in the arsenal!) you keep trying to Google! I got a mail regarding this, and I’ve already booked my appointment. This is the brief I received about the event:

“Celebrity makeup artist Vidhya Tikari will be giving Makeup Consultation to our customers who have booked prior appointments. The customer gets to take away a must have as per Vidya’s advise for them absolutely FREE.”

I thought I should share this on the blog because I’m sure it’s an absolutely great chance for brides to be who are trying to get out of the “I know nothing about makeup” stage. And considering brides pay a bomb to get their wedding day makeup done from Vidya, an opportunity to learn from her about what works for your face might atleast give you the right ideas to bounce of your own makeup artist! And for those of you who can afford Vidya as your wedding MUA…jealous! But great for you! 🙂

Will I be seeing any of you at this event?

4 thoughts

  1. Oh what bad luck! I have to be trawling thru Chandni Chowk for modifying my wedding lehenga, etc on Saturday…and since I got a recent session with C Singh, am feeling a little more confident about my makeup abilities. If I go though, will reach only after 8 pm I guess! Have a great time delhibride!


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