thedelhibride Asks…Grooming the Groom!

Mr. Fiancé has recently been asking me if there is any grooming he needs to do in order to look his best on wedding day. He’s heard me talk about so many things I’m doing to get myself ready for D-day (facials and other pre-bridal lingo) he’s starting to wonder if it’s only me who’s getting married! Well, I think somebody’s just feeling a bit left out!
Before I throw the question your way, I’ll give you some relevant details about his current state –
His face and body need nothing, really. I considered suggesting a facial to him, just because I found it sooo relaxing for myself. But he’s never had one before and I don’t want to suggest he tries out something completely new 10 days before the wedding. Plus, his skin is fab anyway so really, what’s the point?
I dragged him to b:blunt to get a haircut a few days back, so that’s perfect as well.
So you see, I don’t think he needs to do anything. But he’s been pestering me for the last few weeks, asking me “please tell me if there is anything I need to go, I’ll do it!” So girls, the floor’s open for you to tell the men what they need to do (just the way God intended :p)…
What grooming should a groom do to get ready for his wedding?

5 thoughts

  1. Mani Pedi for sure!However clean they may keep their nails, i think i’m sending my guy for one.

    Less than 2 weeks na?? Best of luck love!! All the happiness and fun at your wedding!! I’m sure you will be a radiant bride.xoxox


  2. So before our engagement, the boy got for himself a mani/pedi and head massage! 😉 Pretty sure before the wedding too, he’ll get a cut + head massage + mani/pedi. Will definitely coax him into a facial too. they deserve it too no?


  3. Mani pedi and maybe a full body massage – he will just feel great after it…and if not a full facial, as men tend to be quite impatient, maybe just a face cleanup?


  4. haha, my guys been asking me the same! mani-pedi for sure!! body polish and massage as well, we find it very relaxing I am sure they will too.

    Although a facial is good too, but if he hasn’t had one before then I dunno, it is a risk.

    and Hair spa (or massage)


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