3 days to the wedding – Wedding Planning Update

I’ve just been doing update posts lately, but I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write helpful ones – because they always need a little bit of research, and a lot of thinking!

3 days to the wedding, and I can literally feel how close it is now. I had my Mata Ki Chowki a few days back – it was the first time I ever attended a Mata Ki Chowki (was also a first for my whole family), and whadya know – the night passed by in a blink! It made me wonder if I’ll feel the same way about my mehendi, sangeet, wedding, reception and honeymoon! I don’t want those to pass by in a blink. I want to cherish every second of it. But I know, when you’re having fun – time seems to pass by quicker.

Anyway, preparation for the wedding is more or less done. My parents are still busy getting gifts packed (a million brownie points to my sister for doing ALL of it!), making last minute accommodation arrangements (why do people always RSVP so late?) and ensuring that all the little knick knacks that will be required over the next few days are in place.

People have been asking me what I’m feeling, and…I don’t know what to say! It’s a mixed bowl of emotions – sometimes there are so many to be felt, that I go numb! And about the jitters – I woke up this afternoon feeling jittery, and I realised they are wedding jitters, not marriage jitters. It’s just the idea of being the centre of attention for 3 days in a row that’s unnerving. I usually like to be left alone to do my own thing. And to think that I have to be at my best behaviour, stand up straight, smile perfectly, and remember people’s names! Eeks, now you know why it’s giving me the jitters.

In other news, we did our pre-wedding photo shoot with Tarun Chawla this morning. Full details in a dedicated post some other day, but to summarize – it was a lot of fun but tiring. And yes, we did do some cheesy things 🙂 Some of my college friends and family members have already landed in Delhi for the wedding celebrations. There have also been a lot of last-minute dropouts, but I’m focusing on the people who are already here. AND, wedding gifts have also started coming in! Ok, I know this might sound a bit childish – but I LOVE getting gifts! I mean, sure…who doesn’t? But I get so excited that I want to open them there and then! And yes, my excitement levels might be a bit more than that of an average human being.

So today is the last day before wedding celebrations start (tomorrow is the puja and mehendi). How am I spending time the remainder of the day? I think I’ll cuddle up with mother dear for a while (not really for emotional “oh I won’t be living here anymore” reasons, but more because we’ve not had the time to relax together since she’s been on her feet literally all the time). Maybe catch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Sidereel. And the day will end with a final dance practice, which is going to be really noisy and chaotic, so I’ll just enjoy the peace & quiet for as long as I have it.

This is probably my last post before the wedding – I’ll try to give mini-updates on the Facebook page or on Twitter over the next few days. Then, I’m off to Australia!!! And once I am back, you can expect a barrage of posts for a long, long time to come 🙂 Ah, last few days as thedelhibride – might as well enjoy it! 🙂

As my sister-in-law would say “LET THE FESTIVITIES, BEGIN!”

10 thoughts

  1. Hey, been following your blog for sometime.. And now it’s the grand finale for you, how exciting! All the best girl, have a dream wedding, and come back soon, with all the updates! 🙂


  2. You must be married by now – the delhi bride is now the delhi bahu 🙂
    Many congrats and hearty best wishes for the new life ahead. May you have a fab honeymoon!

    Come back soon with more posts!!


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