Where are all the Wedding Posts???

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve been married! *takes a grand bow*

So, where are the pictures? All the wedding stories? Unfortunately, the pictures are still getting edited. And the stories are still in my head.

I have been confused about how to go about post writing as well – if I put up pictures, how many pictures per function? What aspects should I talk about? The makeup? The outfit? The decor? What went right, and what could’ve gone better? Or about the function itself – so that it reads like a story?

I think I have figured it out, while writing this very post. But, I don’t want to post without pictures. And for that, I need to wait till my photographer gives me the final edited set. Keep your fingers crossed that the pictures come in this weekend. I promise to put up my first actual wedding post immediately post that.

PS. Meanwhile, I have started setting things up in my new room. So yes, definitely expect some updates on that front very soon!

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