Holi + Camera = Photoshoot!

If you’re recently engaged, you probably have one thing on your mind all the time (except for your fiancé, of course) – STD. You must be dreaming, breathing STD! Googling it, trying to find out everything you can about it.

No, not THAT! I mean, the most important thing you need to figure once your wedding date is fixed – the Save The Date Card! STD!

I’m here to give you a little inspiration for your STD card. You can make it tomorrow. And send it off via email the day after. Yes, it’s that easy.

Things you’ll need

  1. A high quality camera (preferably an SLR, but even your iPhone will do)
  2. Your fiancé (obviously!)
  3. A few bright shades of powdered colours. Oh wait, it’s Holi this week. See, I told you it was easy!
  4. Water (optional, and definitely not preferable, as it may get into your camera)
  5. A pretty location – preferably a park, but even a brick wall will do
  6. An enthusiastic sibling/cousin/friend who knows how to click pictures using a camera (how hard can it be to find one?!)
  7. Willingness to be cheesy and filmy for a full hour (or more!)

How to create your Save The Date card

Step 1: Call your fiancé over to the location of your choice on Holi

Step 2: Ask your sibling/cousin/friend to be ready to click on Burst mode (on an SLR) or as many images in succession as possible on the iPhone (which is as good as Burst mode) or on whichever camera they have

Step 3: Play Holi with your fiancé. Do some cheesy things. Have fun!

Holi 2012

Step 4: Upload the 100 (or 1000) images your sibling/cousin/friend clicked during the day onto a folder in your laptop, then add the Folder to Picasa

Step 5: Select the best (or top 4-5) pictures and click on “Make a Collage” on Picasa

Step 6: Add a frame, add text (your names, wedding date) – feel free to edit the collage in any way you like! Do consult with your sibling/parents if the final version is looking good.

Step 7: Save the collage, attach it to an email, and send a mass mailer to all your closest family and friends.

Step 8: Sit back and relax. Oh wait, you’re already answering a hundred phone calls about how much they love your Save The Date card!

My Save The Date Card

This is what I did for my Save The Date Card last year. My (then) fiancé and I, along with my family, had gone over to my cousin’s house on Holi. We were just hanging around in their balcony when my sister looked at the background (a beautiful park) and exclaimed, “Hey, didn’t you want to do a photoshoot for your Save The Date card? How about we just do it here?” So we went to the park, where my sister and cousins ended up clicking over 500 pictures of me and my fiancé playing dry holi with each other. They kept egging us on to do cheesy filmy things. My sister made my Save The Date card on Picasa – she’s pretty darn awesome with these things. And this is what ours looked like:

Save The Date

Don’t think so much about it. Just DO IT this week!

A very Happy Holi to you too! 🙂

Edit: This park is located inside HUDCO Place right next to Ansal Plaza. Great spot to click pictures undisturbed, as it’s relatively empty on Holi!

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  1. Loved your idea for save the date card…. its really unique… and you two are looking so much in love… touch wood…..:)


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