Trousseau Destination: Janavi

janavi trousseau destination

When you think about shawls, what image comes to your mind? I’ll tell you what comes to mine-

“Dull shades, or unimaginative embroidery on slightly bright shades. Necessity to drape over Indian wear in the winter, but spoils the look of the whole outfit because you’re all covered up in it.”

What if I tell you I found the perfect place to buy shawls from? A place where the shawls are pretty, in bright hues, and are embroidered with such gorgeous work that they pair up perfectly with that sari of yours?

Let me introduce you to Janavi! I’ve spoken about them earlier on the blog (when I visited the Vogue Wedding Show) and I am absolutely in love with what they do. Three words describes their work perfectly – original, stylish and elegant.

Ok, enough with my words. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

1. These are my favourite shawls from their wedding collection that was on display at the Vogue Wedding Show (they’re priced upwards of INR 15,000).


What I loved about them? The bright shades. The impeccable embroidery that you won’t usually find on shawls. And how super soft the material felt in my hands, courtesy the luxurious quality of pure cashmere all their shawls made of. You WILL fall in love.

2. Delicate stoles and shawls with Chantilly lace borders that can even be used in the summer – when you’re at a restaurant or a movie theatre where it tends to get chilly.


3. Stoles with colorful needlework and playful motifs – to add some fun to your accessories collection.



Janavi also creates blankets and saris made from pure cashmere and pashmina. You can browse their collection online at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop
, Gift Lab, L-attitude and their Facebook page.

In Delhi, you can visit their flagship store at DLF Emporio or find them at Aman Hotel and Evoluzione Kila. They also retail in Mumbai, Amritsar, Rishikesh, Kolkatta, Chennai and Jaipur. International retail locations include London, Milan, Japan and USA. Visit their website for more details.

Have you used a Janavi product? What did you think of it?

7 thoughts

  1. Oo I loveee their shawls. I’ve just started with my trousseau shopping and took a shawl from them. Butthey are slightly expensive. After that I took 2plain pashminas from Shaw brothers in def col.. and am getting them embroidered my self now..equally good! And half the cost.
    All bride to bes should definitely visit janavi and shaw brothers. Shaw brothers have an amazingggg variety of shawls and stoles.. traditional and contemporary. And you can do crazy bargaining there. I loved this one piece.. pure toosh with kalamkari embroidery all over. It was to dieee for. He started at 80k and came down to 40k.. still didn’t take it though. 😦


    1. Hi Tanvi! Congrats! When are you getting married?
      Janavi is priced well considering the shawls are made out of pure cashmere and look like THAT! 🙂 I’ve seen how shawls that are made of pure pashmina cost over INR 12,000 without any imaginative embroidery. Considering that, I think I’d go for a Janavi shawl any day! Thanks for the tip on Shaw brothers – I’ve heard a lot about them, but never visited.


      1. Thanks 🙂 I’m getting married in December. Love your blog by the way.. extremely helpful! Yeah it is not exorbitant or anything and brilliant designs.. I just got a copy made for half the price so just mentioned that. But yes no one has designs like them for sure!


          1. Yess All delhi functions. Full punjabi wedding 😀 Just started with all the planning and functions and venues. Soo bloody hectic! I’m exhausted already :p


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