You’re Invited to My Wedding! Print Edition

I always knew I didn’t want a typical wedding card.

Of course, that meant many, many more hours being spent on the card than anticipated. At one point of time, I think my mother just wanted to scream at me “Why couldn’t you just pick one of the available samples and change the wordings?”

To be honest, I didn’t even visit the actual shop in Chandni Chowk where the card was designed. It was my mother and sister who spend hours there designing it. The card guy was quite enthusiastic because he’d not had a customer who wanted something fresh and new in a long time, and he quite enjoyed the whole process of designing something completely different from a traditional Indian wedding card.

Of course, I had done a fair amount of research on the kind of things I wanted – such as pinning my favourite designs on my Wedding Invite Pinterest board and googling “wedding invitation card wordings“. But other than that all I did was give instructions – “I want watercolors” and, once the design was in place, go back and forth on email with the card guy on the wordings.

What was the verdict when the cards finally came in?

Well, you tell me!

The envelope - front
The envelope – front
The sticker on the back of the envelope
The sticker on the back of the envelope
The front of the card
The front of the card
Inside the card Top: The inserts front Bottom left: The inserts back Bottom right: The insert holder
Inside the card
Top The inserts front // Bottom left The inserts back // Bottom right The insert holder
Had to almost fight with the family to get these words printed. Totally worth it. The words mean so much.
Almost fought with the family to get these words printed. Totally worth it. The words mean so much.
On the Sangeet insert
On the Sangeet insert

The card was designed and printed by Jalebi Art in Chandni Chowk. Contact numbers:  98101-33423 and 99994-78888

16 thoughts

  1. Oh my goodness! Those are the same exact words I have thought for my save the date invites!! 😍
    Like the modern touch to the cards!
    PS: I had some questions on the b:blunt MUA… Ok if i email you regarding that?



  2. This is so cool! Loved it! And i have always loved that quotation u got in there. I am planning to use d same one for my wedding invitation cards 😀 bcz it completely fits d roller coaster love ride i share wd my boyfriend.


  3. it looks like art on a card…a collectable, i must say 🙂
    I can tell a lot of thought and work has gone into it..Id be a happy guest if I received that invite..and such a lovely it


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