Entwined in Movie Magic by The Wedding Filmer

I was going to put up the Reception post today, but while I was going through my Facebook feed, this video caught my eye.

A creation of The Wedding Filmer, this video will tug at little strings in your heart you didn’t even know existed. It’s the trailer of a wedding video, of two sisters who got married on the same day. And how the story of their life led them to this – their wedding day.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so watch the video first. And keep some tissues in hand before you hit “play”.

Wait, do you have tissues in hand? I’m serious! You *will* cry.

Go on, get the tissues.

Done? Ok. Now you can watch.

Damn. I tear up every single time. Damn you, Vishal Punjabi! How do you make such tear-jerking bursting-at-the-seams-with-love wedding videos?

And this wedding video in particular – Entwined – is just so perfect. Firstly, imagine the amount of love between the two sisters. Two women, who are close to each other, and are getting married on the same day, would generally spell disaster. Would you want to share the limelight? But they both look beautiful. And just. so. happy.

And their husbands! So much love pouring out of the words they say. In every single magical scene of this wedding film.

And their father. Imagine the pain and joy he must have felt. Both his girls are getting married. And they’re both going away. On the same day. That could not have been easy.

And yes, Vishal Punjabi and his team at the Wedding Filmer – they’re magic makers. I think this film summarizes pretty much everything they’ve ever done right. You see how they select a song and then add meaning to it by adding scenes that go with the lyrics? And how the interviews they do show real behind-the-scenes emotions? And finally, they wrap it up neatly by not just showing you the events as they happened at the wedding, but also tie it back up with the love story of the bride and groom and the emotions flowing all over the wedding days. It’s all just so God damn perfect. And I’m sure it takes them weeks (or maybe even months) of hard work to put such amazing, gorgeous, heart-breaking (and may I add, award-winning) wedding films together. These guys put in the hard work, and it shows.

Here’s to many more beautiful Wedding Filmer videos – this is just the beginning.

You can find all about The Wedding Filmer on their website, and watch all their wedding film trailers on Vimeo. Cost of hiring The Wedding Filmer team begins at INR 5 lakh typically. If you give them your requirements, they will get back with a quote (the more detailed your explanation, the more accurate their quote will be – and they can even cut down the cost a bit by getting only the equipment that will be needed). Vishal is an absolute delight to talk to – he’s such a gentleman, a professional and absolutely great human being. If you can afford it, hire them without batting an eyelid. They will not disappoint you.

Follow The Wedding Filmer on Facebook and Twitter.

7 thoughts

  1. Their work is just, magic. It makes you cry, and leaves you with this feeling that words just can’t explain. It reminds you what weddings truly are about. *sniff*

    And the weird coincidence is that this morning, we were all like – why, why, have we not pinned ALL of their videos yet? And thus began Wedding Filmers video pinning spree! Then we stumbled upon your post, and, well, <3! 🙂


  2. Yes, they really create magic. Magic every girl wants to be a part of. Marriages are made in heaven, but capturing that heaven in few glimpses, is what Wedding Filmer does..
    Great work guys..Keep it up..!!!


  3. this is the second video by the wedding filmer i have seen, the first one was of kanika gandhis wedding in goa, watched it again and again, amazing work…. havent seen better ever….keep it up ,u create magic


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