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I know you follow Maybe you log in everyday and type out the website address in your browser? Or you’ve already subscribed to us via email? Or you follow us on bloglovin?

Firstly, thank you for following! Absolutely honoured and flattered! 🙂

But, did you know you may be missing out on a lot of other great wedding related information thedelhibride shares via other forums?


You see, I don’t put every small piece of information as a post on this blog. I come across a lot of useful tidbits as I browse the web – tips shared by makeup artists, when a wedding exhibition is coming up, a sale in an Indian wear store that’s starting tomorrow, etc. But I don’t cram the blog with 2-line posts that I can share just as easily as a 2-line post on Facebook!


So to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates from thedelhibride, make sure you follow us on:

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Do you already follow us everywhere? 

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