Inspiration: Words for A Wedding Card

My parents received a wedding card a few weeks back, and in it was a beautiful poem written by the bride, Garima, and her father. I see a lot of cards with rhyming lines, but most of them fall flat. If you want a few words that will make your wedding card sound as beautiful as it looks, this is an extremely-written verse that you can add.

It’s simply put. Straight forward. No fancy words, yet it touches your heart. Reading it makes me feel more happy than sad, thinking of the daughter leaving her parents. They have welcomed the change that’s about to come in their lives with such open arms, without leaving sight of what’s been left behind. Pretty much perfect, I’d say!

Thank you, Garima and Devesh, for allowing me to share this with other brides. And congratulations to both of you!

Did you put a poem in your wedding card? Did you love these words as much as I did?

5 thoughts

  1. This is a very interesting concept, and since these days everyone wants something different, this is certainly a different option which will not cost you as much money!


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