thedelhibride Magazine launched!

I am super duper happy and totally elated to present to you –

*drum roll please*


thedelhibride Magazine!

Cover Page
Cover Page

You heard right!

We’ve launched our very own e-magazine, to bring to you – our lovely readers aka wedding addicts πŸ™‚ – the best from the world of Indian weddings.

Although a fancy & long introduction is probably befitting, I’d rather let the magazine do the talking for itself. Also because I’ve already written that introduction in the Editor’s Letter section of the magazine.

How can you get your hands on a copy?

Just go to the MAGAZINE link on the top of the blog, or click here.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the magazine – Love it? Hate it? Useful? Useless? Please leave a comment below!

And if you did love it, don’t forget to subscribe to the magazine (subscription details at the end of the MAGAZINE page).

30 thoughts

  1. Love the magazine! You have however linked the wrong link for the bollywood photo booth (it links back to my wedding post on peaches and blush). And thanks for featuring me!


      1. Oh! I went thru it a couple of times already :D! Told abt it to my boyfriend as well and he went thru it too and he was like why isn’t there something like this for grooms ? lol! May be u can have a small section with some groomal ( is there a word like that? :P) information for the grooms in one of ur upcoming magzine issues? I m sure they will love the attention! πŸ˜€


  2. PS: I am unable to open the link of vogue wedding book in my macbook or ipad. I mean it does take me to a website but nothing downloads in there.. ! Is anyone else experiencing d same issue ? Any trick to fix it?


  3. This is a very interesting concept… I really like the cover page… Just one feedback that perhaps the magazine would be more meatier if you have more complete articles in it…


    1. Thanks Divya! And thanks for the feedback as well πŸ™‚ The thing is, I don’t want the magazine to be just what the blog is. The blog has all the detailed posts, while the magazine just provides a quick snapshot of what’s good and what’s happening in the wedding world. All the info a bride could use right now! Because with a post, sometimes it takes weeks, even months – for an idea to be put into words and complete the research for it. I wanted a platform on which I could share the latest things with the brides, and not have to wait to share it with them at a time when it was probably not even useful anymore. I already do a lot of that on Facebook, Twitter, etc. but I felt like that info was too scattered. So, this is the place to put all those snippets of information into a single place, and (hopefully) in a way that it makes sense to the reader. Anyway, please let me know if you think such a magazine is not required? Or if I can make some other changes to make it more relevant?


      1. I would definitely not say that the magazine is not required, because the wedding magazines that I have seen are all about ads on vendors etc… too commercial, this one will definitely be useful and unbiased, the only thing is if I think of scalability of the magazine, it might not be useful as a standalone thing, brides would still need to refer to your blog for completeness, but I guess that’s what you want also?


        1. Except for the Best of the Blog section, rest of it doesn’t link back to my blog. The magazine is supposed to act as a guide to the latest in the world of weddings. I don’t want a bride to miss out on any useful piece of information just because it was too small to mention on my blog, or because I didn’t love a trend enough to talk about it. You are right – it’s a totally unbiased view of what’s hot in the wedding market – and following my blog+the magazine is a complete package for a bride. The blog is detailed, while the magazine is like a weekly/fortnightly snapshot that summarises all the things a bride should know about. Like, an informant πŸ™‚ Of course, following me on Facebook, Twitter, etc will ensure you get the info LIVE – on a daily basis. It really depends on which bride is looking for what. Hopefully, these 3 things cover most of the requirements.


          1. All the best with your new venture. .. I really like the concept. .. You could also think of calling it a newsletter. .. leading international wedding sites like weddingbee, theknot also send their subscribers the latest updates frequently. Do visit my site also, would love to get your expert comments. πŸ™‚


            1. Agree with Divya on this..
              You might want to think on this line as well.
              Weekly newsletter with snippets would be a good idea and then a quarterly magazine… This way you can make your magazine more meatier as mentioned in one the comments and have more time devoted to it.


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