thedelhibride Asks… MUA in Amritsar

Shilpa is the third bride today who wants your esteemed help 🙂 She lives in Delhi, but is getting hitched in Amritsar.

Know of a good MUA in Amritsar?

Her wedding is in October. And I can’t help but wonder – do you think brides who live in Delhi and are getting married some place relatively close to the capital should just take a Delhi MUA along with them? Or does that add to the cost too much?

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  1. Amritsar is my hometown..but I have not really lived there much..Ravi is good but you need to tell them the way you punjabis are very loud and end up wearing oodles of makeup.


  2. Loreal Amritsar, on Lawrence road has a great makeup artist who is apparently also the owner. She’s quite good and uses great brands like Mac etc. this shud be ur best bet.
    Also as I hail from Jalandhar we have a freelancer here named as Prerna Khullar, she does amazing makeup. Check out her page!/profile.php?id=137990192980165&__user=1563426817
    She also does travels and Amritsar is hardly one hour from Jalandhar.
    Hope this helps


    1. HI tis is shivi..m workin as a makeup artist in orane beauty academy chd nd do free lancing aswel, did makeups fr various t.v artists..u can check out ma makeup pix on ma page i.e perfect reflection of beauty by shivi.


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