thedelhibride Asks… MUA in Nagpur

I’ve been receiving a lot of reader queries regarding makeup artists in cities all over India. Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited to Delhi and Mumbai, so I usually throw open the question on platforms such as Facebook & Twitter. I’m extremely lucky to have such a helpful bunch of readers following this blog, because they rarely ever disappoint  and end up sharing whatever information they have to help a fellow bride in need!

THANK YOU dear readers, the world is a better place because of people like you. Well, atleast the world of weddings is! Thank you for taking out the time and making the effort to lend a much needed helping hand to other brides all over India. Now let’s get down to business!

By popular demand, I’m creating separate posts for MUA suggestions from different places in India. On Facebook, this information gets lost after a few days (who will keep scrolling down endlessly?) And so it begins.

First up, Nagpur!

Any suggestions on a good makeup artist in Nagpur?

The bride can’t get a trial done as she doesn’t live in Nagpur. Tarun Chawla has suggested Shasha on Facebook – he’s seen her work firsthand. Her contact number is +91 98-22-086342 (provided by Mahima). Any other recommendations?

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  1. Could you share the good MUAs in Mumbai…Also am looking for a wedding lehenga in mumbai in the range of 35-40k…any suggestions on where to look for it…


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