Vendor Review: “Elements” Decorator

Remember the pretty bride, Sahiba, who shared pictures and details of her gorgeous wedding outfits with us recently? If you hadn’t noticed already, the decor at her wedding was equally fabulous. I got you plenty of pictures of the decor from all her functions, and also managed to get Sahiba to do a quick review of her decorator – Harkrishan Singh of Elements.

“I can’t say enough good things about our decorator! He was so hands on and took care of every litte detail. My mum is into interior design so she’s very picky and he completely blew us away. I showed him things that I liked during his presentations from previous weddings and he really understood our taste and what we were going for each function.”


“For the mehendi, I wanted it to be super colorful and funky so he used churras hanging in the trees and these really vibrant umbrellas for the tables. I told him how I wanted the swing which he made perfectly.” Editor’s note: I am in love with that swing as well! It’s FABULOUS!


“For the Sangeet, since it was outdoors, we wanted lots of candles and lights by the pool and hanging from trees.”


“And for the wedding we went with a pink and white theme with bird cages hanging from the trees and a gorgeous flower peacock arrangement at the entrance. It was very different and all credit goes to him! “

Photography by Photo Tantra

Which function’s decor was your favourite?

10 thoughts

  1. Oh My God..The decor for every function is MIND-BLOWING 😀
    The fact that the decor was so different for each function is much appreciated 🙂
    The color pallet is also well chosen 🙂 And it’s so intriguing to see how even the minutest of details are taken care of..Lust Worthy ❤


      1. Oh my god!! everything is just so pretty and colourful!!! Would you know where is this venue? what is this place? I am getting married Dec 2014. (just got engaged this Jan 🙂 and your blog helped me a lot with all the planning 🙂 )

        Please let me know about this venue.

        Thanks a lot


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