$159 Giveaway: BattleTrip Honeymoon Helper!

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**this giveaway is now closed**

You’ve been following the blog religiously, leaving comments and words of encouragement along the way. I love talking to all of you, and I secretly believe that I have the best blog readers in the world!


But sometimes, words are not enough. Sometimes, a giveaway worth $159 (that’s almost 10,000 rupees!) says thank you in a way that words obviously can’t 🙂

This giveaway is brought to you by BattleTrip. First let me tell you what the prize is all about (it’s a new concept, so you’ll want to read the details carefully). And then, the big question gets answered – HOW CAN YOU WIN THE GIVEAWAY? – at the end of this post.

Note: This giveaway is open to residents of all countries.

What’s the prize?

A 2 week BattleTrip Honeymoon contest, valued at $159 (to see a sample of the kind of itinerary they will create for you, go here)

What’s BattleTrip?

Let me explain what BattleTrip is all about. They’re basically itinerary builders (they won’t make the bookings), where you get travel experts from all over the world (including travel bloggers & travel writers) to help you make your very own custom-made travel plan (to see a sample plan, go here). It doesn’t get more personal than this. Here are the steps to using BattleTrip:

  • Visit their website and choose where you would like to go to for your honeymoon (upto 3 destinations).
  • You then launch a contest – where travel experts pitch different honeymoon experiences, based on their travel style and criteria. They “battle” to create a “trip” for you – therefore the name, BattleTrip! 
  • YOU get to choose your favorite experience and the expert will then work with you to build out a full trip plan including accommodation and things to do.

To read more about BattleTrip and the honeymoon helper prize, visit their website. And if you have any more questions, send me a mail at thedelhibride@gmail.com

Why is BattleTrip worth trying out?

It makes planning your honeymoon easy breezy! The average bride/groom will plan their trip by one of the following methods:

  • Go straight to your travel agent. Cookie-cutter trips = boring!
  • Log on to good ol’ trusted TripAdvsior.com. Do you know much time and effort it takes to make sense of multiple-opinions, go back and forth on multiple forums, and make a complete itinerary through this method? Too many hours to count. Trust me on this one, I’ve tried it.
  • Google it. Same problem as above. No single, experienced person telling you what kind of vacation YOU will enjoy the most.

But with BattleTrip, you get to cut through all the clutter and just get an itinerary that’s MADE FOR YOU. And don’t tell me your travel agent will do this for you. They work on commissions, and they don’t put effort into creating a truly customized experience. Going through a travel agent as good as booking through suggestions in a Travel Guide Book.

Wait a minute. Is this a giveaway? Or an ad for BatteTrip?

You know me, na. I tend to get into details 🙂 And I thought the company deserved a detailed explanation, so that you know what the giveaway is all about, and how excited to get about it!

Tell me what the prize is again?

A $159 worth contest that you can launch on BattleTrip. Which basically translates into a FULL custom-made honeymoon itinerary, that could last for upto 2 full weeks! All for free for the winner of this giveaway. No additional/hidden costs for the prize winner.

Awesome! How do I participate in the giveaway?

Just 1 thing to do! Leave a comment below answering the simple question:

“Why do you think you deserve to win a Honeymoon Helper?”

No word limits on the answer – one line, to one page – all of it is valid! Be witty, hilarious, evil or bright. I will choose the answer I like the most, and that couple gets to win the giveaway!

Other details:

  • Last date for entries is 20th July, 2013.
  • Winner will be announced on 23rd July, 2013.
  • The winning couple must launch their contest on BattleTrip before 31st July, after which they are free to choose and plan their travel experience at leisure.
  • Valid for couples planning their honeymoon in 2013 & 2014.
  • Open to residents of all countries.
  • Open to all couples – dating, engaged and married!
  • You can and SHOULD ask your boyfriend/fiancé/groom/husband to enter as well. His entry will be counted as a separate one – so you can double your chances of winning!

If you have any questions regarding the giveaway, feel free to drop me an email at thedelhibride@gmail.com

Good luck to all of you! Here’s the question again that you have to answer in order to participate in the giveaway –

“Why do you think you deserve to win a Honeymoon Helper?”

Please leave a comment below with your answer. Looking forward to reading all your responses!

**This giveaway is now closed. The winner was announced here.**

30 thoughts

  1. Hi Delhi Bride,
    I feel I deserve the Honeymoon helper, as me and the boy have different opinions about the honeymoon. we both are confused and have’nt been able to single out on a spot and since we are supposed to leave on the 1st of December, I feel we are running out of time. In spite of there being innumerable romantic spots, we cant seem to decide a single place that makes the both of us feel good about it.
    I really hope you can help us put here.



  2. i was expecting some kind of beauty product or some wedding jewelery but this is just amazing. you have nailed it Delhi bride. okay! so i am getting married this year end and all preparations are going well but Honey moon is something which makes me go Aaaa like what?? there are just soo many probs.. it is going to be winters, where to go and when because already i am gonna settle abroad. i often tell my Mr. Fiance that what if we get lost or something haha!! you know never been out like that.. so i want someone to lay proper itinerary and plan out like what day to do what and where to go etc etc. Everyone wants like the best H.M. and if professional help is inculcated then bang on!! so Battle trip!! help me plan it without getting lost 😉


  3. Hey
    Well honeymoon once in a lifetime opportunity 😉 Two all together different identities will be living together for the entire life and bonded for seven births. Our religion says that :p .. So the honeymoon should not be just site seeing, shopping, city attraction. Nah. Boring trip ( should be preserved for future trips ). In my view it is a kick start to a beautiful romantic place with nice suite. Relaxing, soothing with little fun.
    As you see my requirements can only be fulfilled after winning this hamper 🙂
    No haywire on choosing the destination, selecting the desired hotel and connecting with other places too. Minimum a week atleast. My end of life is in January 😉 or I can say that after my honeymoon the new beginning of my life if I will be the winner. Definitely I will be the one as you can’t dishearten my feelings for the new life and shatter my honeymoon dreams. :))


  4. We deserve to win because we want to spend the precious time we have now focusing just on each other and celebrating our love!


  5. Hi Shinjini,

    I am telling you my story so that, you can judge better if I deserve the honeymoon helper or not 🙂
    So the story starts with a Bengali girl(me) who is jolly in nature, outgoing, talkative & loves to explore. I just love to explore new places, new cuisines ,new roads and meet new people. Since childhood I used to believe that I should marry a Punjabi guy as they are very fun loving & out going in nature 😉 Years spent on and I met with ‘My Man’ & guess what he is Punjabi 🙂
    Not going into the details how we met & how things happened as it will take another day to complete this sub story 🙂 Though the path wasn’t so easy, with full of surprises, ups & down, milna-bicharna & hasna-rona we ‘friends cum lovers’ able to survive life’s unpredictable journey 🙂 Now I truly believe in this saying: “Some things are destined to be — it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.”

    Coming back to my current story, after so many drama & ‘Vicky donor’ kinda scene, our family agreed upon our marriage & within 2 weeks we got married on Jan’2013 (as we thought our family might change anytime 😉
    It was so quick that we didn’t even got time to plan our marriage properly & things happened like a roller coaster ride but still somehow we managed to book all the things on time(venue ,photographer ,parlor, wedding saree etc)

    [You can check our 5 mins video on
    https://www.facebook.com/TarunJhaPhotography?ref=ts&fref=ts#!/photo.php?v=10200646293545493&set=vb.334646623294499&type=3&theater ]

    Now the question is when everything seems so perfect then why I need a honeymoon helper? Here the problem starts. We decided to get married within a very short span of time, so we had to take leaves to make arrangements for our marriage(as my parents stays in Assam) & within a week of our ‘One Day Marriage Ceremony’ we joined office. We didn’t get any chance to plan or go anywhere after marriage (for honeymoon off course).Now it’s been 5th months & we both are too messed up with work that we hardly get time to spend together. Same scenario during weekend too as I am busy with house work & he is with official work 🙂
    I want to go out, see the world with him. Live each & every moment of my life so that I never have to regret for anything, any time. I want to walk through beaches hand in hand, I want to ride cycles all around the cities, I want to shiver in a snowy hilly honeymoon destination at night with him, but every now & then due to some unavoidable reasons or circumstances we couldn’t make any plan:)
    So help me out, if you find my story interesting & if you think that I really deserve/need a honeymoon helper 😉
    Thanks & Lots of love,


  6. Hiiii…. I didn’t know about all this.. its just an accidental search but sooooo exciting n tempting that i could not stop myself.. i always dreamt of such type of an exciting journey in my life… n i think that’s how my eyes caught this opportunity…. just the thought is so exciting …if i really win it.. cant tell u.. will b d happiesttttt time of mah life….crossing my fingers… wat so ever happens , whosoever wins……. enjoy the amazing moments…..;)


  7. Hey Shinjini urff DelhiBride!!

    Let me first begin by saying THANK YOU on taking this initiative. You are doing a great deed here by making at least one of the newly wedded couple’s honeymoon special with this awesome giveaway . I went through the sample itinerary link of Paris that you’ve provided in your blog. After reading it and considering the amount of detailing they have provided in the itinerary I was totally awe struck. I follow your blog on regular basis through my GF 😀 who gives me all the quick updates about your blog/magazine. She is the one who told me about this give away and suggested me to participate as well..and looks like i beat her here since my entry is coming before her’s! I am super excited and determined to give it a try and win an opportunity to get in for a treat. So here I’m trying to convince you to pick me for this splendid Battletrip giveaway gift.

    We (me and my GF) truly believe the old saying “opposites attract.” I mean, we seem to have different opinions on everything. Travel included. We found ourselves in a similar jam while planning our honeymoon too. We usually have to balance each other out – especially when she likes to live on the edge and I prefer to play it safe. For honeymoon, she wants to do a trip on an island and I am more inclined towards mainland, city, architecture and all that kind of stuff. After a great deal of arguments looks like we have finally put the boxing gloves down and we are trying to settled on combining mainland with island. We are very inclined to visit Australia and/or Fiji Island for our honeymoon. My GF is still not very convinced about the idea of honeymooning in Australia and i desperately need to win this battle trip giveaway so that with the help of Battle trip experts we can carve down an itinerary catering to both our tastes..something which can include hopping around the beaches and also driving down the road in the most architectural part of the city. I’m sure with the help of Battletrip experts we won’t have to t argue anymore about what places to go and how exactly to plan our honeymoon to make the most out of it.

    I’m the seventh commenter for this contest so to this point I have one in seven chance of winning this contest. I better keep my fingers crossed. 😉


  8. Hi thedelhibride! First of all, thanks for putting up a give away. It really is exciting for us readers. Now coming to why I feel I deserve a Honeymoon Planner.

    Let me start by saying that my man and I never thought of going for a honeymoon after our wedding at the end of this year. We always thought we can save that money for a trip after a few years, when we really need a vacay and some fun. But as the days pass by and the pressure of wedding planning has set upon me, I have slowly begun to day dream of a honeymoon. I haven’t told my man yet, and if I tell him we can get all the help we can in planning a trip after an intense wedding season (we are having our engagement and wedding functions two weeks apart, though the dates are yet to be finalized)- I am sure he would be more inclined to jump right in and agree on a trip. I am dreaming of a nice romantic getaway to some place not too far away, and I say romantic mainly because we have been in a long distance relationship for over a year now and boy do we really need it!

    I’ve read the comments above, and you sure have a hard task in front of you:) tata!


  9. Hey, my fiance and me are getting married on 3rd Aug, 2013. Yes, thats very very soon. We got engaged on 15th June. And a vacation to Europe is one thing, I had a asked from him, which he wanted to get done for me.

    His passport is expiring on 23rd July.
    Unfortunately, due to very less time between the engagement and wedding, he could not get it renewed.
    I have seen him trying very hard in the last one month. He’s a man of principles and wont get his passport renewed in any other way than the right way.

    Though I have told him that that the honeymoon destination doesn’t matter to me as long as we are together, he is very sad that he’s not taking me to a place I wanted to go.

    Both of us are aware that we wouldn’t be able to take it later as well, as the wedding is financially draining for both if us. We could have only done it now.

    I wish someone can give it to us later this year, so I get to go a place I wanted to and he doesnt regret that he couldnt fufill this wish of mine.


  10. Oh I am so excited that I stumbled upon this! My fiance and I have had difficulties with the honeymoon because, well, let’s be honest, we are terrible planners (don’t even get me started on the wedding details… EGAD). We have this dream of going on a honeymoon that is at once relaxing, exciting, adventurous, and most importantly, not the same run of the mill vacation that every couple goes on. I do believe that this vacation exists, and I would be incredibly excited to go on it, but to plan it seems impossible for me. I mean, how do you plan a vacation that no one else goes on without coming up with a vacation that no one would WANT to go on?? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night.

    To have the help and support of a team of experts that knows how to create an awesome experience that is still safe sounds like a dream come true! Thank you SO much for this opportunity. I love your blog, and love this contest, and I look forward to seeing who you choose as the winner. Thanks again my internet friend!


  11. This sounds like a godsend of a prize! So here goes my plea:
    My husband Dominik and I have been together for 5 years total, we have spent 4 solid years of that time in a long-distance relationship as he is from Germany and I am from the U.S. (yes, we have been avid Skype fans for the majority of our relationship). The last year we have spent together, here in the U.S. and we got legally married on May 27, 2013. It was a modest ceremony, no white wedding dress or anything, but with plans to have a large wedding sometime in the near future when both of our families could be present (it’s been wonderful so far, in case you were wondering).
    So how did we meet, you ask? Well let me tell you. My husband’s older brother was an exchange student at my older sister and my high school. During his time there he and my sister fell in love and started dating, they continued their relationship on after he returned to Germany and the Summer after he had finished his year at our high school he returned for a visit and brought his younger brother.
    We spent the Summer together, the four of us, and of course Dominik and I committed the ultimate of all tacky acts and we began a brand new relationship, doomed to be long distance from the start, just as our siblings had experienced.
    The years passed quickly, we traveled together on Winter and Summer breaks, often times with our siblings and our families, I went to college with my sister, and after high school and a year of social service (as Germany required for male high school graduates at the time) for Dominik it was time for him to attend college as well. Well long story short, now he is here with me in the U.S., my sister and I graduated together as nurses, we will be working in the same hospital, Dominik and I are legally married, and now planning our official wedding, which will be a double wedding with my sister and Dominik’s brother!
    Now if all those similarities aren’t strange enough for you, then listen to this:
    This is not the first time in the history of my husband’s family that brothers have married sisters. His grandparents did the same thing, and so did his parents! We just wanted to step it up a notch by adding in some international flair to the mix.
    So now, why do I deserve to win a glorious Honeymoon Helper? Well gosh darn-it if it hasn’t been extremely difficult to coordinate with two families, let alone two families in separate countries! Planning this wedding has been quite the challenge, so much so that I haven’t been able to give our honeymoon planning a second thought. In the midst of trying to determine when the biggest percentage of each family would be able to attend, where it should be, what country we should do it in, which bride’s opinion is stronger (and which groom’s… I guess) and how much we have in our budget to get everyone in the correct country to attend the wedding, our honeymoon plans have been strangled, smothered, kicked, and put to rest in the very back of my mind.
    Secondly, my sister and I, although we are not twins, our lives have become pretty darn similar, I fear that if I’m not careful we will end up on the same honeymoon (which might actually be a blast for the brides, maybe not so much for the grooms) having someone else take over this tremendous task, and plan us an unforgettable trip without wedding plans and guests lingering in the very most forefront of their mind would put us at ease and ensure some much needed R&R after this wild wedding!
    Thank you so much for your consideration! We need your help!


    1. Well, I suppose now it is the husbands turn to pen down some thoughts…
      My gosh, 4 years apart with just a couple summers and winters together sounds absurd, but with the internet pretty much anything is possible (terrifyingly enough).
      Amy and I boarded one heck of a roller-coaster 5 years ago and with mostly fun and exciting twists and turns, we have made it it through yucky and ugly parts of the ride as well. Our seat-belts are tight and secure, the course ahead is unknown, but with good and soothing words to my wife on the ride (and a surprise with the best honeymoon in the world), maybe she will spare my life as we are planning this part of our journey and I will not be covered in vomit at the mere beginning of the ride to happiness.
      So, now, it is time for me to get a sweet taste of humble pie as I beg you at your feet to bestow this wondrous gift of awesome on us. Because you see, planning this wedding is turning the wife into a ball of stress, and yeah, we’ve been through a lot, but I don’t think even the tightest of seat-belts could get anyone through wedding and honeymoon planning (or the lack there of).
      We wish you the best of luck on your selection process! Thanks so much for any consideration you give us.


  12. Hello Shinjini,

    This giveaway sounds so much fun and thanks for hosting it.

    Here goes my story:

    I got married in April this year. However, due to several family weddings that we had to attend at hubs’ native place soon after our marriage we were not able to plan/have our honeymoon. Another big reason for not being able to plan our honeymoon was the paucity of time. We just had over a month to plan our wedding (our wedding date was fixed and we just had about one month’s notice). Yes, you read it right…just over a MONTH to do all the wedding planning, shopping, guest-list, wedding cards, venue, caterer, gifts and all the other nitty-gritties! Amongst sooo many things to finalise and prepare for, we left the ‘honeymoon planning’ for the last. Plus, we also knew that we had a couple of weddings to attend right after our shaadi, and being absent in those weddingswas not a choice we had.

    So after attending those weddings, and before resuming work, while trying to adjust to the newly married life, we did not realise when time flew past us! Dekhte hi dekhte it was time to start working again! And like that we never got a chance to plan our honeymoon. 😦

    Might I add that your giveaway seems like it’s custom-made for us! 🙂

    Like always, looking forward to your fun and informative wedding posts.




  13. Because I need something to look forward to after a 5 year courtship and a 2 year battle with the in-laws!..:D


  14. Coz my fiance recently quit his ‘good paying’ job to start his own business.. so the ‘honeymoon destination’ will largely depend on how he fares by nov, before jan 2014 (wedding month) which will be super late… and also coz he has an idea of a ‘mini-moon’ with 2 other couples (and kids) which is sooo not a once-in-lifetime honey or mini-moon irrespective of the fact that v’ve been together 10 yrs..!


  15. Well Shinjini…i don’t need a honeymoon as such, i just need some time out with my fiance.
    Things have not been great lately and the strange things is its not because that our is a love marriage or we have some problem with each other…its just that some unexpected and unwanted reason popped out from no where.
    This time of my life was suppose to be the best time, tomorrow(18.07.2013) is the day when we were suppose to get engaged but its postponed as of now.
    Now i am so scared that even i am going to get married or not this year.( fingers crossed)
    Whatever mess, i am in right now i just learned one thing out of it that nothing is predictable and when you make a plan god just laugh on the plan and you!!!

    I and my finance have a very beautiful story of our love…we have been together from a long time now and have seen many good things and bad things together…
    In these hard time times also he is the only ray of hope and happiness… so i just want some time out with him to forget everything else because i know i have to wait for good things to come in my life and i don’t want to wait like this, also neither i or he is in a mental frame to plan any holiday by ourselves( i want it to be surprise for him)

    Even if god wants us to wait some more…it should be good and i think this plan of your is a good opportunity.


  16. Hello TDB!
    So here i am trying to convince you as to why i deserve to win this giveaway! 🙂
    I am getting married in Nov’13 and up until now me and my Mr. Right have not been able to decide on one location for our honeymoon… well we both have our own ideas of a honeymoon destination and we talk, we discuss, we offer suggestions, we decide on one location, then we research, we take suggestions from friends, we do more research, we GOOGLE and we argue, we fight and after that we stop our honeymoon discussions, we feel sorry , we make-up, and then start our honeymoon planning all over again and the cycle of research and arguments repeats itself! So you see how difficult it is getting for us to plan a simple honeymoon vacation! We both always knew we are an exact opposites of each other but we didn’t know that this characteristic of ours will play a havoc for our honeymoon planning :P.

    Oh ! before i get into more details let me reverse it a little bit to give you a short recap of our relationship: Me and my Mr. Right have been seeing each other since past 4 years 11 months and 9 days to be exact 😀 and in our courtship period we have only spent approx 1.6 years living in the same city and other 3.5 years living miles and miles away from each other..and by miles and miles i mean two different countries..two different time zones!! So the fact i want to highlight here is that out of our approx 3 years of long distance relationship we have only been able to meet and spend personal time with each other for 5 days! Yeah..u read it right! Only 5 freaking days!! ( Can you imagine how desperately we must be waiting to spend some quality time with each other!. I actually asked my mom if i can go on a honeymoon before the wedding to which she obviously said NO :D!). Anyways, so i am one of the lucky couples who passed the test of the long distance relationship with flying colors :D. As a matter of fact, we two are still living in two different time zones and we get back together in India only 2.5 months before our wedding. So all of our planning decision making meetings have been going on only over phone and skype. It has been so hard for us to coordinate everything . Like every bride and groom we have so many decisions to make..e.g., photographers, wedding cards, venues, decorators,which cultural traditions to incorporate during the wedding ceremony (our’s is a cross cultural marriage) , convincing our parents for that and that and etc. etc and etc. Amidst our busy work schedules, different time zones and all these important discussions we have been talking about our honeymoon plans here and there but have not been able to reach to a final conclusion and feels like we have no time left to plan it all out!. We both were very keen to travel to Europe but Nov/Dec is not a favorable weather condition to be able to travel in that part of the world without being layered under several layers of clothes. I as a matter of fact don’t want to spend my honeymoon in an uncomfortable weather! You see i want to spend my honeymoon wearing bikins and sun dresses and not two or three layers of coats.! Anyways so after we crossed out Europe from our list, my Mr. Right has been suggesting me to do Australia and/or Fiji islands ( Yep yep u r thinking on the right direction ..Mehul Kothari the first guy who posted on this giveaway and talked about Australia and FIji Islands is my future husband :). I dont know why and i really dont knw why but i feel like Australian wont turn out to be a romantic honeymoon location unless and until we really know about the places to visit, beaches to explore and part of city to be walked. ( I know you travelled to Australia for your honeymoon and i have been waiting desperately for your honeymoon post to read all about your experience in Australia.

    So coming to the conclusion, me thinking about a honeymoon by the beach (dreaming about the time sitting by the beach, under an umbrella, with a margarita in my hand , my head on his shoulder and my feet in the sand..ahhh bliss!) and my Mr. Right thinking about a honeymoon walking down the most architectural part of the city ( weird i know! ..like really! who would think about the beauty of a building during the honeymoon time?? He should rather be thinking about the beauty of his wife but whatever! )Anyways, so yeah u see i really need the help of the BattleTrip experts to win this battle about where exactly to go and how to really plan our honeymoon trip! I am sure BattleTrip will help us plan our honeymoon in the most romantic intimate way possible and considering the time crunch situation i will be in when i get back to India only 2.5 months before the wedding and will have to go through the whole nerve wrecking nail bitting process of bridal shopping, meetings with photographers/wedding vendors/ card wallas/mithai wallas/phool wallas/mehendi wallas and so many other wallas and wallis! I can’t imagine us having any time to talk and discuss about our honeymoon plans . Having someone who can be an ear to our questions and who can help us plan the perfect honeymoon will be the most needful thing for us and a perfect wedding gift from TDB. Don’t you think so ;)?

    Thanks for bringing this giveaway for all of us lovely couples. Good luck to everyone who is participating here.
    Cheers to love , laughter and life 🙂


  17. Why I need some help to plan my honeymoon,
    what can I say?
    The reason is pretty simple and you’ll know soon
    when I put it this way..

    Staying miles away from home – a total workaholic,
    I wish I could play a bigger role planning the wedding of my dreams.
    With folks back home doing it all, I miss being a shopaholic.
    Knowing I might not have it my way, the inner me screams.

    But there is one thing totally under my control,
    One thing that I can give my personal touch.
    Plans of my honeymoon would come right from my soul,
    Having unforgettable moments together – that’s what I want so very much!

    With no friends and family around, there has always
    been one great companion by my side.
    Who helped me envision what I wanted for my “big” days
    She is no one else, but thedelhibride 🙂

    Here she is, with yet another surprise.
    The one thing which would make it all come true.
    The BattleTrip giveaway shines like a sunrise,
    Just this contest is what I have to sail through..

    I want a helper in these times so chaotic
    So that with peace of mind I can choose
    Out of a zillion places so romantic
    which one’s really the golden goose

    When time becomes a rare commodity
    Planning your own wedding is out of your hands
    And having that perfect honeymoon becomes a necessity
    You must have it all figured out – be it sea or sands.

    O dear delhibride, I can’t thank you enough
    For you have shown the way of making my wedding bright
    With an amazing variety of all the useful stuff
    You gave me insight to take decisions right!

    Here I am with something more to ask
    Pick me since I have spent hours cracking my brain
    Coming up with this response was hell of a task
    Please don’t let my efforts go in vain

    Hey Shinjini,
    I hope my creativity and wit made a mark here 😉
    I have already thanked you for being so helpful keeping me informed with the latest wedding trends. I would also like to thank you for awakening the poet in me today!

    Although I very much hope that I am lucky enough to get this giveaway, I also wish that whoever wins this is able to make the best of it and has a great honeymoon!

    Thanks a ton!


  18. I found out about you from Jade facebook page & found it very interesting and checked your website which is even more interesting 🙂 My husband and I got married last year in November but due to professional commitments we had to hold off our honeymoon for a couple months (it’s still on hold :P)..Alright, now that happens sometimes and we decide the month when we could possibly go, which was April 2013..I planned our trip to Maui, Hawaii but still the reservations are not made but again we had to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances. A little bit about me and my husband, this is a love marriage and we are currently in different countries, different time zones. His preference for honeymoon is very different than mine..I prefer exotic location, beach bumming, relaxation, and basically rejuvenating..since we have decided that we are for sure going next month that is in Aug’2013 to Cancun, Mexico? Maui, Hawaii? or Puerto Rico..LOL yes, its me who is undecided about location now..with these 3 exotic locations.. I am in Hawaii one day, next day planning Cancun, & 3rd day in Puerto Rico….I will not say how many places i have searched so far:P ..so, my lovely husband oops, did I say what he prefers? he is very much open to where I want to GO 🙂 So Here am I still deciding where we could spend our long Awaited Honeymoon 🙂 next month which is almost here now 🙂
    So when I saw this link on Jade facebook, I decided what great timings to pen down my thoughts..


  19. heyyaa !!!
    nw m wondering why i havn’t seen dis before :O nywayz m still not late 😀 m getting married on 26 jan 2014 🙂 me n my fiance has planned to go to europe(london,paris,switzerland) my wud be who knows its v difficult to say” no” to me ,,so he jst happily agreed to dse destinations(i knw m wicked),, hez jst supr sweet ,,,but its gonna be a 8 day trip soooooo,,, HERE Z MY CHANCE TO EXTEND OUR HONEYMOON plus it will be organised by d experts *evil laugh* nw who cn resist the opportunity ,,hehe 😛 so i want it in evrypossible way 😀


  20. heyloo…so i was jus gng thru fb whre i read i cn win a honeymoon;p well not exctly dat bt hey dis is grt 2….welll honeymoon 4 the rest is; switzerland, kashmir, venice, maldivs etc etc…uff so cliche…bt iv alwys loved to do things differently…to be da best and to be the only one…so i need help coz i dnt wnt a fancy romantic bollywood type honeymoon…i wnt to explore the unexplored..i wana visit some place surrounded by mountains and hills and still nt visited coz it may b some village or some unfamiliar hill station or town in sme part of the wrld..i wana live dat quiet moments in des quiet places wd my husband..whr its jus him and me and no commercial drama…wr i cn do the adventure bit too, also relax…in shrt find paradise…do u thnk i can?


  21. Hie..
    I m nervous while typing my thoughts..
    I got engaged this 11th July and I am getting married on 4th February..
    I am big follower of you since i saw your pics on Tarun Chawla’s photography page.. ❤
    I have read almost all your blogs but always hesitated to comment on any, as friends may mock that i am reading marriage blogs..
    I believe that i deserve this giveaway because my marriage is an arranged one, typical arranged one, I met my fiance for the first time after everything got arranged, since then we have met quite a few times, after engagement we have met almost daily, but we were always surrounded by people in all our meetings, sometimes his family, sometimes mine..
    He is 28 years old, I am 21..and in all these meetings somewhere or the other i have started liking him, probably loving him, but i am not sure what he feels for me, he is always polite, generous, opens the door for me, treats my family so special..but i am not sure if he loves me..I am not sure if his heart skips a beat when he sees me..
    I am not that charming that one can fall for me in first sight, and mostly my impressions on people are not so great..and thats y i have this small insecurity..
    We still have not talked about honeymoon n all and i fear that he is not planning anything at all..I deserve this giveaway because i wanna go on honeymoon with him, because i wanna tell him that he has a girl who is marrying him not just because family chose him, but also because i love him, i wanna show him the real me, the crazy me, the wild me 😀 , the naughty me, the love struck me… ❤

    I believe that I deserve this giveaway because i want to make my husband(going to be) fall in love with me.. ❤


  22. I am husband to one of the lovely women (Honey) upthere who commented on the page!
    Well, as she describe correctly we are all over the place in deciding where to go and on my end I have possible researched Visa requirements in most of South American countries and some North too and believe could use some help in finally helping my dear wife to decide onto something 🙂


  23. Dear Shinjini,

    Hope you doing as cheerful as always!

    I really liked this idea of yours and really liked the line – Open to all couples – dating, engaged and married!

    So, I am married and mother of a lil 5 months old princess. I deserve to be a honeymoon helper because of the following reasons:

    i) Got married in April 2012 and could not go on Honeymoon due to official commitments.
    ii) Had a baby Jan 2013 (I found my expectancy little later)
    iii) Life has been a roller coaster since marriage

    In all, husband and me did not get the opportunity to get along the way we wanted. And now we believe this honeymoon helper can really help us reunite and strengthen the bond!

    Winning or not winning is a separate matter but I personally like your perfection and interest a lot. Keep it up dear!


    Sarabjit Kaur


  24. Dear Shinjini,

    Hope you doing as cheerful as always!

    I really liked this idea of yours and really liked the line – Open to all couples – dating, engaged and married!

    So, I am married and mother of a lil 5 months old princess. I deserve to win the honeymoon helper because of the following reasons:

    i) Got married in April 2012 and could not go on Honeymoon due to official commitments.
    ii) Had a baby Jan 2013 (I found my expectancy little later)
    iii) Life has been a roller coaster since marriage

    In all, husband and me did not get the opportunity to get along the way we wanted. And now we believe this honeymoon helper can really help us reunite and strengthen the bond!

    Winning or not winning is a separate matter but I personally like your perfection and interest a lot. Keep it up dear!


    Sarabjit Kaur


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