Inspiration: A Kitsch Wedding Card!

Kitsch wedding invite envelope colourful
Have you ever seen an Indian wedding card like this?

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram will know that I attended a wedding last week. It was the wedding of a very special friend of mine – Vidhi. I’ve known her since my college days, and she’s one of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. When I entered my first year of college, I also began my stay in a hostel for the first time in my life. Vidhi was 2 years my senior, and she’s solely responsible for making me feel comfortable and helping me adjust to hostel life. She gave me all the insider’s tips I needed to survive there, and was always there when I needed a helping hand. I remember her room very clearly – it was the only room in the whole hostel that felt like home to me. She’d done it up so well – colourful & pretty – it exuded warmth, just the way Vidhi did. She’s a burst of sunshine in any room she walks into, one of those happy people who make your day happy just by spending a few minutes with them! When she told me she was getting married, I couldn’t wait to see what her wedding had in store!

The first thing that landed in my inbox was the Save The Date and a link to her wedding website. It was so fun and different, I loved it! Soon after, I saw her wedding card – and it was hands-down the most unique card I’d ever seen. And…I loved it even more! Here’s what Vidhi had to say about her card:

“We had such a tough time with the card – my mom & I don’t really like the royal thing. We are very kitsch. I spent all of December trying to find a kitsch card with colour but no one had that. We finally got it done from Swati, who is very elusive but if you see her portfolio your mind will be blown! So simple but beautiful! Anyway, the whole card was my mom’s concept. They put little parrot confetti in the envelope, and maybe a lot of people won’t like my card but it’s different!”

And different, it is! I don’t know who these people are who won’t like your card, Vidhi, but I LOVE it! And different is SO good for Indian wedding cards, where all the invites look like mass copies of each other.

The Printed Version

That's the envelope!
That’s the envelope!
Dancing ladies on the Sangeet insert
Dancing ladies on the Sangeet insert
Flying kites on the Reception insert
Flying kites on the Reception insert
Parrot confetti (made out of wood) fell out when the envelope was opened!
Parrot confetti (made out of wood) fell out when the envelope was opened!
All the elements of the unique Indian wedding card
All the elements of the unique Indian wedding card

The Ecard Version

The e-invite version of her wedding card was basically the same design. I like how the brightness of the colours is not lost in the paper version!

Click the thumbnails to view larger images of her ecard – 

Save The Date & Wedding Website

Her wedding website was also made around the same theme. It also served as her Save The Date invite!

Who came up with this beautiful, gorgeous card?

Vidhi’s mother came up with the whole concept, and all the versions of the card plus the website were designed by Swati Katyal. You can get it touch with Swati via email:

And finally, meet Vidhi, who made for such a beautiful bride! Congrats on getting hitched, and here’s wishing you a married life filled with love and happiness!


Did you love Vidhi’s card as much as I did?

And if you have a unique wedding card to share, I’d love to see it! Send me the pictures at

15 thoughts

  1. Love the concept! It’s so full of colors and makes you so happy the moment you see it! The vibrancy of each function is depicted so well, too! Plus, those wooden birdies…. Perfecto!


    1. Ossam!! Full of vibrant colors along with right combination of it and design also goes perfect. Highly lovable ❤


  2. These cards are very creative and attractive. A very different take on wedding cards. I liked it. Could you please share your contact and website details. We want to get a wedding invite designed for my sister’s wedding in January. This is a bit urgent and would also discuss the pricing.


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