JJ Valaya at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

thedelhibride at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 JJ Valaya show

I attended Day 1 of India Bridal Fashion Week yesterday, with the husband aka official photographer in tow! It was a lot of fun to see these designs first-hand & walk around (more like, wander around) all these fashionistas! But more on that later. Let’s dive straight in to all the bridal designer-wear from Day 1!

First up, JJ Valaya’s show. For which we waited a full 1.5 hours. Only to be followed by an entry to the show that reminded me of the few times I’ve travelled in a Bombay local train. You don’t try and budge, you just let the waves of the masses take you with them!

Anyway, the show kick-started with a Kathak & Flamenco dance jugalbandi, which I found rather entertaining!

The elegant Kathak dancers
The elegant Kathak dancers

And then came the models.

TDB’s Picks

Official description of Section 1: Inspired by the laces found in Spanish fans and headgears, and combined with the elegant grandeur of Indian jewels, this collection in Ivory showcases a sinuous blend of the tailored with the flow.

TDB Says: The first round had soft, pretty, fluffy outfits in Ivory shades with just enough Swarovski work to make it look bridal, but not over the top. The round ended with a punch of green on a lehenga that looked truly bridal.

IBFW 2013 JJ Valaya 2
The first one was a stunner. With Swarovski work peeking from underneath the layers of net, it was as if she was walking on a cloud of pretty fluffiness! Would work great as a Reception outfit.
This sherwani looked a lot like the one my husband wore on our wedding!
This sherwani looked a lot like the one my husband wore on our wedding!
IBFW 2013 JJ Valaya 9
Punch of green amidst the sea of ivory
IBFW 2013 JJ Valaya 10
A better look at the green & ivory bridal lehenga

Official description of Section 2: Imbued with the soul of Spain, Huge fringed shawls, known as “Mantón de Manila” remain a Spanish tradition and almost always depict flowers in varied hues and sizes. In harmony with the beauty of the Indian Jamawar, a unique collection takes birth in deep aubergines, reds and Turquoises in rich silks and jacquards.

TDB Says: The next round had blues and reds with some floral threadwork – reminiscent of the red rose. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this section. What I did love was their blingy hairbands! So pretty and stunning!

Official description of Section 3: Diego Rivera was a Mexican artist known for his exquisite murals. Besides the fact that Mexico was once occupied by Spain, Diego Rivera also started his career with a famed Spanish artist, Eduardo Chicharro. His frescoes (with an almost renaissance like resonance) combined with the unrivalled beauty of Indian Miniature art are the inspiration for a collection in blacks and reds.

TDB Says: The third round saw a lot of black & red, and horizontal stripes. Some sherwanis were a hit – especially the fully black velvet sherwani. Others were a miss.

Loved this velvet from head to toe sherwani - so Maharaja-esque.
Loved this velvet from head to toe sherwani – so Maharaja-esque.

Official description of Section 4: A collection inspired by battle…by the armors of Spain and India, a collection that plays with modern shapes and forms using metallic transfers and fine metal embroideries. Velvets, Tulles and georgettes hold court in lush burgundies and distressed greys.

TDB Says: Grey and red. Didn’t like anything. But I loved the last lehenga – heavy bridal classic red. It was heavily embellished and beautiful! Again, nice hairbands.

IBFW 2013 JJ Valaya 25
My favourite lehenga of the whole show!
jj valaya india bridal fashion week 2013
Image courtesy: Big Indian Wedding

Official description of Section 5: The final collection stands inspired by perhaps what Spain is best associated with; the bullfighters, also known as the Toreros, and commonly as matadors. Their flamboyant costumes find an unusual mate in the unique forms of Thewa jewelry and digitally printed Matka silks.

Official description of Section 6: The Bride. Need we say more?

I didn’t like too many other designs, but I’m sure there are plenty you might, or atleast you can take inspiration from.


Kangana Ranaut & Kabir Bedi were the showstoppers. The concept of the show was Maharaja of Madrid – an India-Spain fusion line, and Mr Bedi was the king while Kangana was the Indian princess. Her lehenga was seriously blinged out, you wouldn’t even know from the official picture.

But have a closer look at the picture we took!

Can you spot the bling?
Can you spot the bling?

I can only assume that the whole lehenga was heavily studded with Swarovskis. It shimmered a bit more, ok – a LOT more, than I would’ve liked (notice how the lehenga doesn’t fall under TDB’s Picks section). Kangana herself looked so pretty I didn’t even recognize her! How come she looks so great in person, and so-so on screen?

Kabir Bedi, on the other hand, was totally enjoying all the attention the audience was giving him.

Seen at India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Kabir Bedi as the showstopper JJ Valaya's Opening Show - Maharaja of Madrid 1

Seen at India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Kabir Bedi, JJ & Kangana Ranaut as the showstopper JJ Valaya's Opening Show - Maharaja of Madrid

On a final note, please notice how Kangana is wearing a single colour of bangles? In both hands? I’m telling you that’s THE trend since last year! As previously mentioned in first issue of thedelhibride Magazine 🙂

The Remaining Collection

Here are some more pictures for you to devour. Do tell me which ones you loved!

(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)

Official Note on The Exposition

The story of this collection also continues off-ramp and weaves its way into a beautiful experience center located in the exposition area of the IBFW. Here the showcase focuses on the complete JJ Valaya Bridal experience involving Haute Couture, Bridal Couture, Conceptual wedding design (in association with Fashion One and FNP), Wedding gifting concepts (in association with The Home of the Traveler (THT) and bespoke fine cuisine concepts (in association with Seasons).

If you’re looking for more (ahem – better) pictures of the collection, head over to MissMalini.com or Vogue India’s website.

Official Photographs by Anand Seth

Hair and Make up: Sucharita Bose

Jewelry :Jewels by Annu Chadha

What did you think of JJ Valaya’s collection? Which piece is your favourite?

Pen down your thoughts.

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