Nikhil & Shantanu at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 thedelhibride Shantanu Nikhil showAfter the JJ Valaya show was done, the husband and I went looking for food. It was way past dinner time, and we were hungry! Unfortunately, I ordered a pasta that he didn’t enjoy, and we didn’t have time to order another round of anything. We missed the introduction of the Shantanu & Nikhil show, but I’m glad we didn’t miss any of the outfits. They were beautiful! Elegance, elegance & elegance! Although I’m not sure if a bride would wear any of these for her own functions (a lot of white, black and chocolate browns). Ah well, read on to see the details on their wearability and pictures.

TDB’s Picks

Gold was the centrepiece of the whole collection. Not the shiny, white gold. A matte dull gold, that combined with white made for a stunning visual. And it was most definitely a contemporary take on Indian bridal wear, which is always refreshing to see.

Fell in love with this anarkali!
Fell in love with this anarkali!

I would want this in my trousseau! S&N make white look so good, which sane parent would tell their daughter “No no, can’t wear white in the first year of your marriage!” Throw out those rules, because you’ll be adding white in a hurry to your shopping list once you see the other pictures!

(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)

Throw on a gold & white dupatta, and you’re ready for your Reception in this unique lehenga.

As you can probably make out by now, I fell in love with the dull gold and white combination. But wait, there was more!

Yet another elegant anarkali, perfect for your trousseau!

Yes, I sort of fell in total love with this gown as well! So perfect for a Reception – you’ll look like an Angel!

Indrani Das Gupta looked beautiful in this ensemble! Yet another great Reception outfit. You will really stand out as a statement making bride. And this one is more gold than white, so you can pass it off as more bridal. But I can’t say anything against wearing white on your main wedding functions – I wore a white lehenga on my own Sangeet! I don’t know why I’m trying to convince you to wear white.

This chocolate anarkali with gold detailing was insanely pretty in real life! I couldn’t take my eyes off it!

Loved the splash of red in between all the golds and whites. And red & gold are a classic combination – S&N got this one right as well!

This outfit was reminiscent of a Shantanu & Nikhil lehenga I’d seen last year! That layering still looks stunning.

Shantanu & Nikhil signature style
Image courtesy: Marigold Events

The Remaining Collection

(click on the thumbnail to view larger images)

The Official Version

This designer-duo has always beautifully captured femininity in their creations which makes their collection a cynosure of all eyes. Shantanu and Nikhil with their collection “To Die For” in India Bridal Fashion Week, 2013 have defined the decadent renaissance period in its most contemporary form. Their Collection is an ode to the woman of today, who has always deeply inspired them to capture the Indian culture and hence fusing it with the modern western sensibility of women. Ornamented surface details of the divine gold cutting uniformly across the collection, strongly reflects the controlled fashion mannerisms of the new-age bride. The collection emphasizes on ‘New Luxury’, which would, by contrast, be declared virtuous. Since, weddings in India have a strong element of emotion and love attached to it, this also forms the quintessential factor of Shantanu and Nikhil’s collection for the India Bridal Fashion Week 2013. This collection focussed on the soft and beautiful bride who always embraces everything feminine and dotes on chic and contemporary fashion. Miss Canada, Sehar Biniaz, closed the show for the designer duo.

Which outfit is your favourite? I can’t seem to choose one!

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  1. Love It Love It 🙂
    I may not ever be able to have these gorgeous things on my Big day, yet I could take the tips from all these. worth Bm’ing 🙂 Nice post TDB 🙂


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